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Upgrading for your Future

April 1, 2019

Don’t let the courses you didn’t take in high school deter you from pursuing your university goals

Have you found the perfect university program only to discover that you don’t have the prerequisite course needed for it? While you can’t turn back time to become your Grade 10 self and take Biology, you can sign up for an Adult Basic Education (ABE) class to upgrade the courses you need to be a successful learner.  

ABE courses are for anyone needing to obtain their graduation certificate, complete prerequisite courses to further their education, refresh their skills, or looking to gain employment. The best part about the program is that tuition is free for domestic students at Vancouver Island University. Check out your local university or college to see what fees are associated with their program.  

For Alicia James, completing her ABE courses was necessary for her to get accepted into the Bachelor of Arts at VIU. 

“At first, I wasn’t looking forward to upgrading my courses as I had to upgrade both my Math and English,” she says. “My English class in ABE was similar to an Indigenous Literature class. It was through that class I discovered I wanted to major in First Nations studies and eventually work with supporting Indigenous communities. The ABE program helped me discover who I am as a student and what my passions are.” 

A variety of subjects are offered in the ABE program such as English, Math, Education and Career Planning, Psychology, History, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Studies and Indigenous Education and Career Exploration. 

If the thought of taking more high school courses seems a bit overwhelming, there are lots of supports offered to help you along your journey. ACP Student Success and Transition Advisors at VIU can help make the transition easier. Classes are small and instructors are focused on your success. 

Don’t let the Biology course you didn’t take in High School prevent you from pursuing something you are passionate about. By upgrading with ABE courses, you are opening doorways to your education. 

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