A group of Global Education Graduate Diploma Students having a good time at their group work

Global Education Graduate Diploma Courses

GEGD 501 (5) Community, Culture, and Environment

This foundational course explores Place-based Learning, Indigenous Ways of Knowing, and the Earth Charter as interrelated pedagogies. Beginning with one's own story, participants will critically examine the relationships among self and all living things, local and planetary contexts, and begin to identify underlying tenets of Global Education. (12.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree.

GEGD 502 (5) Perspective Consciousness

Through an exploration of our own identities/positionality, we begin to understand the interrelatedness of all living things in order to create a sustainable future. Developing an awareness of multiple ways of knowing will enhance a leader's ability to support and nurture institutions that embrace diversity, inclusion and social justice. (12.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree.

GEGD 503 (5) Charters for Change

By exploring various charters (e.g., The Earth Charter), conventions (e.g., U.N. Rights of the Child), and declarations (e.g., Declaration of Human Rights), this course seeks to develop a conception of Global Citizenship that will help leaders to promote diversity, social justice, and environmental sustainability in the Canadian and global context. (12.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree.

GEGD 504 (5) Leadership for Transformation

Transformational leadership centered around a strong ethical core, focusses on intrinsic motivation and the positive development of others. This course explores various forms of leadership as they play out in multiple contexts while offering each participant the opportunity to explore their own orientations to the work of leading educational change. (12.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree.

GEGD 505 (5) Research and Inquiry

An introduction to paradigms of educational inquiry, framing of research questions, processes, and methods. Participants will examine the inherent assumptions, concepts, and central procedures of educational research methods with options to focus on action research, global education research or field study research. (12.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree.

GEGD 506 (5) Field Study - Full Circle

Creating a connection, building a relationship, and making a sustainable contribution within an educational context is the basis for this course. The field study will be conducted between September and June and will include approval, support, and supervision from a course instructor, as well as ongoing reflexive practice throughout. (12.5:0:0 for 6 weeks)

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree.