School and Community Support Worker

School and Community Support Worker Courses

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SCSW 110  (3)  Foundations for Practice

An introduction to supporting individuals with disabilities across the lifespan, in school and community living settings. Students will explore and reflect on personal attitudes and values, historical and contemporary issues and trends in supportive services, ethics, and professional practice in the disability field. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: None.

SCSW 120  (3)  Citizenship and Human Rights

An exploration of the historical and contemporary attitudes toward the rights of individuals with disabilities. Students will learn about inclusive educational and support services, community development, and will be able to identify resources and services in their community that promote and support full and meaningful participation of all citizens. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: None.

SCSW 130  (3)  Teaching and Learning Strategies

A study of strategies that support teaching and learning for people living with challenging conditions. Topics include learning styles and preferences; strategies for individual learning in academic and life skills areas; and policies, procedures, and strategies for supporting challenging behaviour across the lifespan in all settings where supports are provided. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Admission to the School and Community Support Worker Certificate.

SCSW 140  (3)  Understanding & Supporting Behaviour Across the Lifespan

An exploration for understanding and working with behaviour as communication. Topics include understanding behaviour as communication, developing techniques and skills that support working with challenging behaviour effectively, creating emotionally safe, respectful relationships and environments which foster self-esteem across the lifespan, and supporting independence of people with disabilities. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Admission to the School and Community Support Worker Certificate.

SCSW 150  (3)  Applied Professional Practice I

An introduction to the basic concepts of health and wellness for supporting people with disabilities across the lifespan as well as strategies for support workers' health and wellness. Topics include nutrition, hygiene, medication dispensing, seizures, allergies, diabetes, exposure to physical care supports, and developing strategies for maintaining own wellness. (1.5:0:1.5)

Prerequisite: None.

SCSW 160  (3)  Applied Professional Practice II

An introduction to technology and alternative communication systems across the lifespan. Topics include exposure to current technology supporting learning, exposure to technology supporting daily living skills, introduction to communication systems, and knowledge of local resources that support technology and people living with challenges. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: None.

SCSW 170  (3)  Challenging Conditions

An overview of a wide variety of challenging conditions encountered while engaged in community and school support work. Topics will include etiology of disabilities and current intervention and supports; challenging conditions of environments; personal experiences of living with different disabling conditions; inquiry techniques; and understanding community resources. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: None.

SCSW 180  (3)  Practicum: School-Based

This practicum offers the opportunity to integrate theory and skills in a supervised practice experience in a school setting (K-12). This practicum experience is a total of 135 hours. (0:0:0 —135)

Prerequisite: SCSW 130 and permission of SCSW Program Chair.

SCSW 190  (3)  Practicum: Community-Based

This practicum offers an opportunity to integrate and apply theory and skills in supervised community living practice experience. This practicum experience is a total of 135 hours. (0:0:0 —135)

Prerequisite: Permission of the SCSW Program Chair.