Take advantage of VIU's online courses this year and get a head start on your post-secondary education!

For the Spring 2021 semester, Vancouver Island University (VIU) is offering you the exciting opportunity to take online courses while you are still in high school. 

Our courses will be delivered online and most delivered asynchronously in Semester 2. What does that mean?? It means that your learning, your course, can happen on your schedule. Take a course in a flexible time frame that does not conflict with your high school course timetable!

And! You can earn university credits now and avoid the 5 course crunch later on in your first year of post-secondary school. 

If your VIU dual credit course aligns with your high school Career Transitions plan, you may be eligible to get your tuition paid for by your School District and receive dual credits. What does that mean? It means that your course is tuition free and that you will earn dual credits- credits on your high school transcript and credits on your VIU transcript.  

Wondering what kind of courses you might be able to take? Check out this list of subject areas! 

Accounting, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Digital Media, Economics, Education Assistant, English, Foundations for Success, Geography, History, Info Tech, Journalism, Languages, Liberal Studies, Marketing, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Philosophy, Poetry, Political Studies, Psychology, Management, Tourism, Recreation and Hospitality, Sociology, Social Work, Theatre, and Women's Studies.

Contact your high school Career Coordinator and/or contact Tanya Lanigan at dualcredit@viu.ca for a Course List showing specific courses that still have available seats.


Avoid the 5 course crunch in your first year!

Take this adventure this Fall and take advantage of the online asynchronous course delivery offer!

Where can you learn more about this exciting offer?

Contact Tanya Lanigan, VIU's Dual Credit Coordinator:

250.618.3820 or email me at dualcredit@viu.ca.

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