VIU Students at Beach


Caityn McNicoll was a Grade 12 NDSS student enrolled in VIU’s Academic Dual Credit program. 
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S. Fan

Some advice I would give for new students: 1) join lots of clubs at VIU as they are very welcoming to dual credit students and its a great thing to set you apart on your resume. 2) Make friends! Everyone I've met in my classes and labs do not care that I’m still in high school...they just commend your accomplishments and it actually makes you feel great about yourself!

I. Poulin

This has been amazing opportunity to experience university classes before taking on a full course load. I have made some great new connections and expanded my educational experience. The university work load is quite substantial but not impossible and there is less mandatory class time to attend. The whole experience has helped prepare me for university. The idea of being a high school student at the university was overwhelming at first but once I got up there no one really seemed to care that I was in grade 12.

C. McNicoll

My dual credit experience at VIU was great. It gave me the chance to ease into University by trying a few classes. It felt a lot difference than highschool so I appreciated the opportunity to get prepared for coming full time. I was able to use this experience to improve my study skills and learn how to manage my time.

B. Thomson

My first semester at VIU was really fun and I learned so much from both the classes and from just walking around. I met people that are all going to school because they want to and because they want to learn. From watching, meeting, and experiencing what VIU is like and the people teaching inside it and the students that are very happy to be there, I was glad to gain this understanding of it all. I was nervous when I first came to VIU, not really understanding what to do or where to go. But, after being there twice a week and meeting people, I feel confident for next year when I go to University full time or part time. I was and am lucky to be able to obtain this knowledge of what my life will probably be like after I graduate and I’m really excited for it all now. In some ways I want my high school life to be done, so I can start my University life right away.

M. Plaxton

I really liked how my instructor added in the real life to his teachings so it made everything more relatable and easier to recall. You can tell he’s very passionate about his job and it reflects on his students. His enthusiasm made me really want to participate in the class. The other students I met were very accepting as well. It didn’t matter to them that I was in high school, and going into this whole program was my biggest fear. I actually made a few friends that I am hoping to see again on campus next semester.

M. Winkel