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May Term: 7-Week Courses

May 1 – June 16, 2023

Note: Course level is denoted by the first numeral of the Course Number (E.g. HIST 375 is a 3rd-year course).
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Course No. Course Title Delivery Method
ARTG 170 Creative Digital Imaging with Photoshop Face-to-Face
ARTG 273 User Interface/User Experience Design Face-to-Face
ARTI 103 Introduction to Textiles and Textile Design Blended  Synchronous
ARTI 110 Introduction to Vectorworks Online Synchronous
ARTS 109 Introduction to Vareity of Media Face-to-Face
ARTS 271 Ceramics l Face-to-Face
CREW 100 Inttroducton to Writing Journalism Online Asynchronous
CREW 120 Introduction to Writing Fiction Online Asynchronous
CREW 140 Introduction to Writing Drama Online Asynchronous
DIGI 110 Introduction to Digital Media  Face-to-Face
ENGL 115 University Writing and Research Online Synchronous
ENGL 115 University Writing and Research - Cowichan Online Asynchronous
ENGL 125 Literature and Culture Online Asynchronous
ENGL 204 Business and Technical Writing - Cowichan 2 sections Online Asynchronous
ENGL 232 Children’s Literature  Online Synchronous
ENGL 240 Ways of Reading Online Asynchronous
FILM 101 Introduction to Film Studies  Online Asynchronous
HIST 365 Europe Between the Wars, 1919-1939 Face-to-Face
HIST 381 Medieval Britain Face-to-Face
INDG 103 Introduction to Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies I  Online Asynchronous
MEDI 113 Emerging Digital Communications Online Asynchronous
MEDI 265 Introduction to Game Studies Online Asynchronous
SPAN 100 Beginning Spanish 1 Blended Synchronous
SWAG 210 Introduction to Indigenous Feminisms Face-to-Face
THEA 108 Public Speaking Face-to-Face
THEA 209 Acting for Non-Theatre Students  Face-to-Face
Course No. Course Title Delivery Method
EDUC 101 Teaching: The Human Interaction Online Synchronous
EDUC 250C Special Topics in Education: Working with Diverse Learners – K-12 and Beyond Online Synchronous
KIN 152 Educational Gymnastics Face-to-Face
KIN 118 Outdoor Summer Activities Face-to-Face
KIN 145 Yoga Face-to-Face
KIN 121 Sand Volleyball Face-to-Face
KIN 222 Physical Activity and Local Food Production Face-to-Face
KIN 190 Independent Sport Analysis (Baseball)


KIN 301 Advanced Anatomy


Course No.

 Course Title

 Delivery Method

FNCE 130

Intro to Finance


FNCE 322

Real Estate


FNCE 344

Canadian Investment Funds


QUME 185

Business Computer Applications

Online Synchronous

QUME 232

Business Statistics I

Online Synchronous

MGMT 476

Applied Organization Theory and Design

Blended Synchronous

MGMT 292

Organizational Behaviour

Blended Synchronous

MARK 390

Creativity, Innovation, and New Product Development


MARK 160

Introduction to Marketing


ECON 100

Intro to Economics

Blended Asynchronous

ECON 211

Principles of Microeconomic Theory


ECON 212

Principles of Macroeconomic Theory

Blended Asynchronous

ECON 315

Economics of Crime


ECON 320

Developmental Economics


Course No. Course Title Delivery Method
MATH 131 Mathematics for Elementary Education I Online Synchronous
BIOL 156 Nursing: Anatomy and Physiology I Online Synchronous
Course No. Course Title Delivery Method
ANTH 391 Special Topics in Archaeology Online Asynchronous
CRIM 499 Selected Topics in Criminology Online
CRIM 460 Drugs, Crime, and Criminal Justice Online Asynchronous
GEOG 101 Environmental Geography Online Asynchronous
GLST 200 Global Economic Issues Online Synchronous
ILMC 100 Community and Indigenous Lands Planning Online Asynchronous
ILMC 140 Sustainability & Management Practices for Indigenous Lands Online Asynchronous
PHIL 100 Rhetoric & Reasoning/Critical Thinking Face-to-Face
PHIL 248/448 Special Topics: Death & Dying Face-to-Face
POLI 100 Identities and Communities: An Introduction to Politics Online Asynchronous
POLI 380 Political Psychology Online Asynchronous
PSYC 111 Contemporary Psychology I


PSYC 111 Contemporary Psychology I

Online Asynchronous

PSYC 112 Contemporary Psychology II


PSYC 121 Developmental Psychology I Blended
PSYC 313 Cognition Face-to-Face
PSYC 498 Political Psychology Online Asynchronous
SOCI 111 Introduction to Sociology Online Asynchronous
SOCI 290 Selected Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Sexuality Online Asynchronous


* Course offerings subject to change

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