Programs to Transfer Into

  • With over 200 program options at VIU, many of our University and Career/Technical programs are available for you to transfer into. Exclusions generally include trades and applied technology and academic certificate programs that are less than one year in length; however, if you have questions about a specific program we strongly encourage you to contact  or call 250.740.6400 for clarification.

Admission Requirements

Applying to transfer

  • Complete an Application for Admission.
    • Be sure to include ALL previous education to ensure that you are considered as a transfer student.
  • Arrange to have current copies of official transcripts from all previous education attended submitted to admissions.
    • Please note this may include High School transcripts.
    • Final grades of work in progress may need to be submitted.
    • You are strongly encouraged to submit course outlines/syllabi  for assessment of transfer credit when
      •  the program you are applying for does not accept block transfer from you sending institution. A complete list is available here.
      • the courses you are requesting credit for have not been previously assessed. A full list is available here.

If we are unable to provide assigned credit we will attempt to provide unassigned credit where possible. Please note that unassigned credit is less useful in fulfilling program requirements and course pre-requisites.

Expected Timelines

It may take up to 6-8 weeks to assess credit for transfer. We recommend ensuring that all documentation (transcripts and course syllabi) are received by the Transfer Credit Coordinator no later than March 15th (two months before student registration begins in May).

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