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1930s Time Line

This time line consists of local, national, and international events relevant to the Canadian experience. It serves to contextualize the growth and evolution of VIU.
Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia Online

February 1930
Cairine Reay Wilson was the first woman appointed to the Senate in Canada

March 1930
Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi began his walk to the sea known as the Salt March in defiance of the British government's tax on salt and monopoly of the salt trade in India

December 1931
The Statute of Westminster goes into effect: Canada is granted full legislative independence in national and international affairs, with the Crown represented by the Governor General

June 1931
The census recorded the population of Canada as 10,377,000

December 1933
Prohibition was repealed in the USA after more than 13 years

May 1934
The Dionne Quintuplets were born at Corbeil, Ontario

July 1934
The Bank of Canada Act created the Bank of Canada in response to the 1933 Royal Commission on Banking and Currency

Canadian-American physicist Arthur Jeffrey Dempster discovered uranium -235, an isotope of uranium that would be used in producing the first nuclear chain reaction

The federal Employment and Social Insurance Act was passed in Canada

September 1935
Nazi Germany passed the anti-Semetic Nuremberg Laws, depriving German Jews of their civil rights, forbidding marriage between Jews and non-Jewish Germans, and barring Jews from professional employment

September 1936
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was created

July 1937
Amelia Earhart disappeared while trying to circumnavigate the globe by plane

Nanaimo's N.1 Esplanade mine closed after extracting 18 million tons of coal since its opening in 1883, the most of any mine on Vancouver Island. This was also the site of BC's worst mining accident: on May 3, 1887, 150 people were killed as a result of two explosions in quick succession

William Aberhart's Alberta government passed the Métis Betterment Act, enabling Métis to apply to have land set aside as reserves

Canadian artist Joe Shuster and American Jerome Siegel published the first Superman comic

May 1939
The National Film Act created the National Film Board which pioneered developments in social documentary, animation, docu-drama, and direct cinema. Its films have won hundreds of international awards

September 1939
Canada declared war on Germany, seven days after Britain and France. The first Canadian troops left for England in December. Although obliged to go to war at Britain's side, PM William Lyon Mackenzie King's delay of a week was a symbolic gesture of independence