Dominion Provincial Youth Training Centre

Nursing: 1980 - 1989

"Malaspina receives OK for RN program" - Nanaimo Daily Free Press

Following twelve years of dedicated planning by nursing faculty, a two year Registered Nursing Program receives provincial approval in 1986.
Article courtesy of Nanaimo Daily Free Press, Jan. 1986


"Nursing program a vital plus" - Nanaimo Times

The new Registered Nursing program at Malaspina College started in September 1986 after a 15 year effort to get funding approval from the Ministry of Education.
Article courtesy of Nanaimo Times, September 30, 1986


"College strains to fill demand for home care" - Nanaimo Times

Malaspina College offers a popular home care program, one of only two nanny programs offered in Canada in a college setting.
Article Courtesy of Nanaimo Times, April 16, 1987