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Dual Credit

Still in high school? 

Will you be in grade 12 next year? Want to learn more about earning University credits while still in high school? Want to try a Trade? Vancouver Island University's unique Dual Credit program means that you can be a university student while still in high school!

In partnership with your School District, Vancouver Island University (VIU) , is offering you an exciting opportunities this Fall of 2021 and Spring 2022! 

  • For more information browser the Menu.
  • For information about the Dual Credit programs at our Regional VIU campuses explore Cowichan, or Powell River.
  • For general information about who to contact in your School District or our courses or programs, contact VIU's Dual Credit Coordinator, Tanya Lanigan.

If you are interested in taking a tuition free course in 2021/2022 at VIU: 

  • Talk to your parents.
  • Plan your course selection for Grade 11 and Grade 12 to make sure you meet the prerequisites (English, Science and Math).
  • Meet with your Career Centre Coordinator for more information/to apply!
  • Not sure who to start the conversation with? Contact VIU's Dual Credit Coordinator, Tanya Lanigan.

Plan ahead. Take advantage of Dual Credit opportunities at VIU and start your Post Secondary education early!