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3 reasons to become a student ambassador

September 12, 2023
Author: Shelby Bell

Building connections with your university community

My first year of college was the worst year of my life. During the time of lockdowns and restrictions in the middle of the pandemic, I was isolated and away from everything I had known. I tried to get involved on campus and in the community, but there was nothing to do. In my second year, I became a student ambassador which led to immense personal and professional growth, becoming valedictorian and securing a job here at VIU. While I cannot guarantee that any of these things will happen to you if you join the Student Ambassador Program, I can tell you that if you become a student ambassador at VIU, you will have the opportunity to build connections, share your story and explore your passions.

Build connections

It may be hard to believe now, but I was really introverted in high school. I had no friends and no problem moving to college to a town I had never heard of or been to. COVID fed my introverted tendencies and I rarely ventured beyond my dorm room. But becoming a student ambassador unlocked a new confident and extroverted side of myself. I ran events, which meant talking to people. I attended student ambassador meetings, which meant getting to know my fellow team members. When I became the student ambassador team mentor, I oversaw the entire team. This meant running team bonding activities, like actually going out in public with a group of people for a social event (which was terrifying to me at the time). After these experiences, I became closer with my team and the student body. One of my fellow student ambassadors learned her new favourite smoothie recipe by helping at one of my smoothie bars. Students in the same program met at one of my connecting events. I built connections in my college community.

By becoming a student ambassador at VIU, you will build connections in your university community. Whether it’s showing prospective students how to get around on a campus tour or being a familiar face at advising or recruitment events, you will connect VIU to students and students to VIU.

Share your story

I did not have the opportunity to share my story in my student ambassador role, but you can. Share your best stories and favourite buildings on campus tours. Discuss your VIU experience at recruitment events for prospective students. Bring yourself to everything you do, and the events you said you would attend!

Explore your passions

One of my biggest passions in life is health and well-being. If I am not at work or studying, I am either running, swimming, biking or lifting weights. As a student ambassador, I promoted health and well-being. For instance, I ran free student smoothie bars so students could grab a healthy snack on their way to class. I was surprised by how touched some students were by this. I felt like I was making a difference in people’s lives.

As a student ambassador you can take part in many activities. You can engage in your creative side by filming Instagram and TikTok content. Get your biology on by attending an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Deep Bay Marine Field Station. Or share your mistakes and learnings by writing blogs. You can develop leadership skills by running campus tours. Or develop event planning skills by helping at recruitment and advising events. You can also develop personal and professional skills by attending a variety of workshops, including psychological first aid. The possibilities are endless.

OK, how do I sign-up?

I know what you are thinking – Shelby, this sounds like an amazing opportunity. You have not even mentioned it will be added to my Co-Curricular Record yet. How do I sign up? Join our amazing team this year by filling out an online application by September 30. If you have any questions, please email StudentAmbassador@viu.ca.



Shelby Bell is the new Student Ambassadors and Events Coordinator with Student Recruitment and Advising. She is finishing her bachelor’s degree in health science, training for her next half Ironman, and applying to medical and master’s programs across Canada.

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