A group of Graduate Programs' students talking about their graduate programs in education options

Graduate and Post-degree Programs

You are excited to take the next step in your post-secondary career, pursuing your passion for higher learning in an environment that will support your personal and professional goals.

Your checklist? An inspirational setting with small class sizes, hands-on learning, and research opportunities, all led by faculty known for teaching excellence and one-on-one support for students.

Master’s degrees, advanced diplomas, and post-degree diplomas, including VIU’s recently redesigned and technology-focused MBA program, offer next steps to your graduate education and career goals.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Student, Fatemah Mayit, on campus

Fatemah Mayit

“Although the program over 16 months was very intense and a challenging, it was very rewarding at the same time. Students at VIU come from different countries and different backgrounds, there must have been over 13 nationalities in my batch. The diversity in culture adds more fun while studying. Also, working in groups with students from different parts of the world means different ideas, aspects, and points of view enhanced my knowledge and made me more resilient.”

Fatemah will graduate with a Master of Business Administration