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Our diverse community of students, instructors and staff make VIU truly unique.

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About Vancouver Island University

This is a place of acknowledgement and fair access, achievement and personal attention – a special blend of a caring, nurturing environment sets VIU apart from other universities. It’s an essential ingredient for a values-based education that creates an environment balancing academic accomplishments with the goal of developing students' social and relationship skills to last a lifetime, make a difference, and model others to do the same. In doing this, VIU is making an invaluable contribution to much stronger and healthier communities and a better world.

VIU’s Stories
Sarah Adair

Sarah Crann-Adair

The professors remember us outside the classroom, and have time to talk at length with students when we show up at their office. I feel like my professors are almost as invested in my success as I am. I am working on a research project that examines the human ability to predict time in relation to regular meal patterns. I never thought the research process would interest me so much; the most fascinating part of this experience is how much I am enjoying finding a way to answer my own questions about the world.

Sarah will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology in 2019

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About VIU - Trades ABT Students

Succeed here.

Support and student achievement go hand in hand.

Students and alumni tell us all the time how VIU’s small classes and caring support from faculty and staff have made a difference for them in finding success in their studies. The attention to every student’s needs goes far beyond a number. The result? Students have the opportunity to become graduates who are confident, motivated and prepared to take on the world as they step into future careers.

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About VIU - Business and Management Students

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Students flourish in teaching-focused classes.

Students go above and beyond in programs that provide a match for their passion, their ambition, and their future career aspirations. The focus at VIU is on helping students meet their goals, prepare for careers, and attain success they may not even have imagined when they started. Students experience hands-on learning, individual attention, and many opportunities for undergraduate research.

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About VIU - Trades and Electrical

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With more than 120+ programs, there are many paths ahead.

Students can find the right VIU program to help them prepare for a multitude of careers. Advisors are with them from day one, whether they start out with fundamental upgrading for university entrance, or if they’re a top high school scholar attending on scholarship.

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About Us - Campus Rec

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Live the genuine west coast life.

Students experience an active, exciting west coast BC lifestyle as they explore the region, taking advantage of world-class recreation while studying at VIU. Surfing, hiking, scuba diving, camping? Yes please! Authentic cultural and arts experiences? You’ll find it all at VIU and beyond, at our campuses in Nanaimo, Cowichan, Powell River and Parksville-Qualicum.

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About VIU - Graduation

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Alumni find success around the globe.

Many alumni are living, working and pursuing graduate studies around the world. VIU graduates join this powerful, supportive, change-making global network of 75,000 alumni when their studies are completed.

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About VIU - Heavy Duty Mechanics

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Access to university is an imperative

Students who face a barrier to getting a university credential will receive a personalized approach. We explore their challenge with them and work to help them overcome it. As the first university in BC to provide a full tuition waiver to former youth in the province’s care system, our caring faculty and staff strive to work with each student to help them identify their educational path and find success at their studies.

Shaping success

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Leading the way through growth, change and challenge

Every student becomes part of VIU’s history, which goes back to the institution’s roots in 1936, when we got our start as a vocational training centre. Through important transformations as Malaspina College, Malaspina University-College and the transition to become Vancouver Island University in April 2008, VIU shares a rich history and deep connection to the communities we serve.

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