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Connecting students and employers

May 10, 2023

Jonah Ferguson is here to help

Meet Jonah Ferguson, VIU’s Employer and Student Engagement Coordinator! His job is to connect students with employers and organizations relevant to their area of study. Are you a student looking to connect with employers, or an employer looking to connect with students? Read to the bottom!

About Jonah

Jonah is a graduate of VIU’s Bachelor of Business Administration program with a major in Marketing. During his time at VIU, he was active with various clubs and student groups. He also used his interest in photography and social media to do freelance photography and social media consulting. He also networked with local businesses to stay up to date on opportunities in the Island job market. His goal was to put his classroom learning to use in real-world contexts – as he was learning.

While still a VIU student, Jonah used his experience and contacts to land a role as a social media manager and creative director at a local digital marketing agency. He put what he had learned into practice for the benefit of the agency’s clients. He also gained real-world experiences that supplemented what he was learning in the marketing program.

When he left this role, he returned to VIU to finish his studies. After graduating, he used his contacts and institutional knowledge to move into a staff position. He now works as the Employer and Student Engagement Coordinator at the Career Studio. The Career Studio is a new initiative to help students better connect the dots between what they are learning in the classroom and real-world experiences.

Jonah believes he received some of his best opportunities through:

  • developing his personal network by connecting with keynote speakers at conferences;
  • networking with local employers at student events and through his marketing work; and
  • developing collaborative relationships with institutional staff and faculty.

Organizing events as a student helped Jonah gain important leadership skills. He also believes creativity and innovation are important skills. He believes that an individual with a wide breadth of experience and knowledge can often propose the best solutions. When an individual can fully understand a problem and synthesize many ideas, they may come up with ideas that others might not have.

How Jonah can help

Are you a VIU student in need of resumé or cover letter help? Or you are interested in finding employment that relates to your area of study? Join the Career Studio’s LinkedIn group for VIU Students Seeking Employmentsubscribe to the Monthly Student Newsletter or visit the Career Studio in Building 255, Room 204. Summer hours are 9 am to 2 pm, Monday to Thursday!

Are you an employer looking to learn more about how you can hire a VIU student? Or would you like to stay updated on VIU career-related events? Please subscribe to the Career Studio Employer Newsletter, join the Career Studio’s LinkedIn group for VIU Employer Partners or send an email to jonah.ferguson@viu.ca.

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