Baneesha Gill

Finding humour and comradery in organic chemistry: Baneesha Gill

June 13, 2022

Meet your 2022 valedictorians

Baneesha Gill is graduating this June with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biology and specializing inmolecular cell biology. She is a co-valedictorian for the Faculty of Science and Technology, sharing the honour with fellow Bachelor of Science grad Gordon Skocic. 

Baneesha plans on attending the University of British Columbia this fall to pursue a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. As part of our series highlighting VIU's 2022 valedictorians leading up to convocation on June 23 and 24, we caught up with her to learn why she decided to attend VIU, some highlights from her time here and her proudest achievement.

Why did you choose VIU?

I chose VIU because of its small class sizes! I was so thankful to be in a classroom where everyone could ask questions, have meaningful conversations with the professors and get to know their peers. 

Can you share a highlight from your time at VIU?

Struggling in both organic chemistry classes. I found those classes very difficult and even though that should be a lowlight, I have so many memories of struggling to learn those concepts and doing terribly in exams as a group, but overall we just had a lot of laughs in those classes. 

Can you give us three random facts about yourself?

  • I love cellular pathways.
  • I can recite most of the TV show Chicago Fire.
  • I can speak three languages.

 What are you most proud of achieving since you began your studies?

I am proud of finishing my degree in four years, as I had originally planned, even with the COVID obstacles. Zoom university was one of the hardest things I did during my degree and I am very proud to have gotten through my classes and labs to finish my degree when I wanted to. 

What is one thing your fellow students may remember about you after graduation?

I think fellow students will remember me as the talkative and hopefully funny one for sure. 

 What advice would you give students following a similar trajectory as yourself?

Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking about deadlines and exams all the time. I made that mistake in my first year, I was constantly thinking about what to do the next day, the next week, what I had due the following month. My advice is pace yourself, write out your deadlines and come up with a realistic game plan for each day. 

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