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Gaining skills through getting involved

May 16, 2023

From classroom to career: Fernando Jesus Medina Moreno

Fernando Jesus Medina Moreno’s university experience was so much more than what he learned in the classroom. The Bachelor of Business Administration student from Mexico City got involved in many different aspects of university life. Throughout these experiences, he picked up many important soft skills as well as the knowledge he gained from his courses. He graduates this June and hopes to work for a marketing agency on Vancouver Island. 

What made you decide to attend VIU? 

My cousin, who was living in Nanaimo at the time, is a VIU alumni and had already experienced the pros and cons of the university. She knew how to navigate the university and I could learn from her experiences to succeed in a new country. In addition, VIU was one of the few universities that fit my small budget.

What did you enjoy most about studying at VIU? 

What I enjoyed the most about studying at VIU were the people. The faculty and student leaders that I was fortunate to meet deeply cared for the students in a rather uncharacteristic way for most universities. Some of my teachers became mentors and my peers became brothers and sisters. I was also blessed with meeting my wife here. The people who cared about the students made me feel I was no longer a number in the education system but an individual who grew and experienced life with the community. I felt the effects of COVID with my friends and teachers and I felt the joy of in-person events and activities reopening. But more importantly, I grew as an individual with other people. 

Describe your involvement in the VIU community.

I volunteered for community events like the winter parades in Ladysmith and Nanaimo in my first semester, where I acquired my first job and met my best friend in this country. I welcomed new students to the university through RockVIU new student orientation, where I developed leadership skills, acquired mentors and met my beautiful wife. I advocated for students through the Students’ Union as a Faculty of Management representative and on Senate, where I learned the importance of building community and serving the students despite political environments. I swam with the dedicated members of the swimming club, where I experienced the beauty of health in a community and the power of student leadership. Throughout this all I learned that my university career would have been meaningless if it wasn’t for these experiences. I grew and helped others grow, but more importantly I walked alongside real people with real lives.

Did you use any VIU services to explore career opportunities or get connected with employers that you might be interested in working for? 

I was one of the first students to use the Career Studio. I received resources to better compose my resumé and practice interview skills asynchronously. I attended the multiple career fairs hosted by the University and acquired new mentors through networking events and alumni panels.

What will you miss most about your time at VIU? 

I will miss the people I’ve grown with and the future impact that I could have had at the University. I have been a key part of many changes such as the launch of a new university application led by students for students. I will miss working on those projects alongside faculty and peers.

What career are you considering? 

I want to open a marketing agency one day for local businesses on the Island. I want to incorporate technology such as AI and web development as I am passionate about these technologies and their potential impacts.

Before then, I want to work for a marketing agency, managing distinct projects or clients that serve the Island community. My ideal job would give me flexibility and room to take some risks to have the biggest impact possible on our clients and for Vancouver Island.

How do you think your time at VIU has prepared you for your career of choice? 

I have the tools to work professionally and understand the intricacies of politics and stakeholder relationships. It has forced me to adapt to uncertainty and grow because of it. Most importantly, it has given me the time and experience to hone valuable skills such as content creation, leadership, time management and project management.


Connect with Fernando via his website or LinkedIn.

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