How to find your tribe

July 7, 2019
Author: Rae-Anne Guenther

The importance of creating connections at university

Have you ever worked a job you dreaded going to, but your co-workers made the eight-hour shift bearable, even enjoyable? It’s amazing how our connections with people can drastically change our perspective about our surroundings and ourselves.

For Silas LaPlante*, when he finished his undergrad and started veterinary school in Australia, he couldn’t connect with his classmates and was struggling to motivate himself in the classroom. After scraping by in first year, he took a break from school before trying again and that’s when he found my tribe.

"Suddenly, school didn’t feel like I was climbing Mount Everest when I only brought my daypack," he recalls. "Sure, the intensity of my schoolwork remained the same, but being surrounded by people I connected with inspired a confidence and resilience in me that I would have never found by myself." 

Your tribe isn’t going to be everyone and it may only even be one person, but when you meet that person(s), you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Your tribe are the people who take you as you are and help you grow into what you hope to become. 

Here’s how to find them:

1). Be authentic.

This seems like such an obvious thing to do, but in the expanding world of technology and social media, it seems far less common to put into practice. Only when you are willing to be vulnerable with others can you develop meaningful connections.  

2). Join groups and clubs around campus.

Put yourself out there! You won’t find true friend’s hiding behind a screen so go out and join an activity.

3). Get curious about other people’s stories.

You never know what you have in common with people until you’re engaged to listen to their story. 

In between lectures and cramming for exams, remember to take time to enjoy university life and find your tribe to experience it with you. 

*Name of person has been changed. 

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