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November 2, 2018

Four truths only study abroad can teach you

At Vancouver Island University, education is a much richer experience than simply sitting in a lecture hall, taking notes and hitting the books in the library.

If you really want to get an edge in your chosen field, then not only can you take advantage of VIU’s small class sizes and undergraduate research opportunities, you can also gain new skills, build your network and broaden your horizons on one of our many Education Abroad opportunities. We encourage students to look into opportunities in their area of study during their years with us. Here’s why:

#1: Broader perspectives

Studying to be a nurse? Know how to administer an IV? Great. What if your patient doesn’t speak your language or has religious observances obstructing your work?

Not everything can be taught in a classroom. Living and learning abroad is the one of the best ways to learn to be flexible and adjust your behaviour to your surroundings. Your career is going to be full of people who have different perspectives, life experiences and cultural knowledge. By traveling abroad, you gain a deeper understanding to bring to your future workplace, making you more resilient and employable.

#2: Global citizenship

Leaving your home country will give you a chance to delve into topics like human rights, inclusion and politics. VIU’s Learning Abroad opportunities help you become a global citizen.

#3: Experience:

Spending time away from home creates personal growth in a way few other activities can. If your world feels too comfortable, living and learning somewhere else will quickly change your perspective and broaden your understanding of yourself and the world.

#4: Appreciation

Nothing will make you appreciate what you have at home like leaving it for a while.

It’s a beautiful world. And it’s waiting for you.

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