Staying fit while staying home

April 30, 2020
Author: Kordell Bergen

Working out on a budget during COVID-19

With all our regular gyms and fitness facilities closed due to COVID-19, finding ways to maintain our fitness levels and physical health can be a challenge. Luckily, with a few tips and resources to draw on, we can all maintain and even improve our physical fitness from the comfort of our homes.

I have been committing 30-60 minutes a day, five days a week to my home workouts. These workouts consist of body weight exercises, resistance band exercises, running and Storming the Stairs at VIU. This is my routine – be sure to do what feels best for you. Here are two inexpensive ways to make your home workouts fun and engaging.

Go online

One website I have fallen in love with since my gym closed is DARBEE. This free site offers a ton of content to keep you active, including daily bodyweight workouts, fitness challenges (we are currently doing the 30-day plank challenge in our house) and healthy meal plans. Some other good resources can be fitness apps such as Daily Burn or Nike Training Club, which are mobile and will lead you through different workouts on your phone. If working out in a class setting is more appealing to you, I recommend checking out YouTube channels such as XHIT Daily or ScottHermanFitness. Each of these channels will lead you through a workout routine that you can do in the comfort of your own living room.


Take it outside

Something that I have really enjoyed due to our recent nice weather has been exercising in my backyard. With a few inexpensive purchases (under $30 total) I have transformed my backyard into an outdoor gym. My first purchase was a set of resistance bands from Amazon. These have been a great addition to my home gym, and they were delivered to my front door. Most traditional weighted exercises can be altered to work with resistance bands. My second purchase was two 2-inch hitching rings with plates (pictured). Most hardware stores sell them for about $4 each. I mounted these to my fence and use them with my resistance bands to replicate most of the exercises that I would do in a traditional gym. Throw down a towel in the grass for some crunches and pushups and I’m set for a quick and easy home workout.

Whatever your fitness level or goals, doing some sort of physical activity each day will make you feel happier, healthier and stronger. Many of us are looking for new challenges or hobbies during this time at home – why not add being in great shape to the list.


Kordell Bergen has been a Gymnasium Attendant for Mariners Athletics and Recreation for five years. His interests center around physical health and well-being. Outside of work, Kordell is busy spending as much time as possible outdoors with his wife, three children and dog.

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