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VIU partners with Digital Marketing Institute to offer new certification

March 13, 2024
Author: Vaidehi Sayar

Training helps MBA students get ahead of the competition

Students in VIU’s Master of Business Administration program are honing their skills in the digital marketing realm.

More than 100 MBA students have earned their Digital Marketing Associate Certification this year. This is the first class to receive this credential, which is thanks to a partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute.

Embedding this certification in the MBA curriculum is a chance for aspiring digital marketers to enhance their expertise and understanding of t he field.

This partnership ensures that graduates are equipped with the essential tools to not only survive but thrive in their careers.

The globally recognized program emphasizes a balanced combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, specifically in marketing and technology courses.

Subjects include fundamentals of digital marketing, emerging technologies, social media for businesses, digital mindset and social customer services. Students learn to use tools and tactics to effectively market their businesses, adding value and fostering organizational growth.

“The Faculty of Management’s Marketing department is thrilled to offer students this certification through the highly regarded Digital Marketing Institute,” says Jennifer Ford, department chair and Marketing Professor. “Receiving a Digital Marketing Associate certification will provide graduates with a competitive advantage in the marketplace and enhance their career opportunities.”

Sohraab Sarin, a current MBA student, is already using the skills he learned in the program to open up new opportunities for his employer. He is working with IG Wealth Management as a Junior Assistant.

“I am enhancing my digital marketing skills and managing client acquisition campaigns for my employer. This certification has driven my career growth and our business development forward. Focusing on key digital marketing skills like SEO, data analysis and pay-per-click sharpens my wealth management and client acquisition strategy. This approach not only boosts my online visibility but also solidifies my standing in the wealth management domain, where precision and personalization are key to attracting and retaining clients.”

For those looking to break into the world of digital marketing, this certification is an incredible opportunity to gain a skill set that will make your CV stand out from the rest.


Vaidehi Sayar is a Master of Business Administration student at VIU. She is from Mumbai, India, and came to Canada in 2022 to explore potential work. With experience in the retail and e-commerce sector, she aspires to grow in this industry. Apart from that, she is currently interning with VIU in the Marketing department.

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