Ceridwen Nord does a dramatic reading during VIU's International Women's Day event.

VIU’s Inclusive Theatre Collective presents The Fear of Missing Out

April 11, 2023
Author: Rachel Stern

The play explores topics of consent and assault

The Inclusive Theatre Collective is presenting The Fear of Missing Out by Canadian playwright Michaela di Cesare this April.

The play tells the story of Olive, a high school student who wants to research and write about a string of assaults and disappearances at bus stops in her neighbourhood for the school paper. She spends most of her time working in her parents’ deli under their supervision. Her friend Vincent, an aspiring forensic scientist on the autism spectrum, helps Olive with her research. Meanwhile, her best friend T-Star starts to pull away from the friendship.

VIU students Alex Olds (Vincent), Ceridwen Nord (Olive) and Chaos Inkster (T-Star) will bring the play to life with two performances in the Mike Taugher Studio. The play discusses topics such as consent and assault. Ceridwen says these topics are important to talk about.

“It’s important to make people who have gone through this stuff feel less alone,” says Ceridwen. “It’s also good to talk about because some people might have questions about what is assault and what would classify as assault.”

To play Olive, Ceridwen drew on her own personal experiences to relate to the character. 

Fear of Missing Out shows April 12 and 13, 7:30 pm,  at the Mike Taugher Studio, Building 330, Room 109 at the Nanaimo campus. The studio seats 30 people. The show is free to attend but people must reserve their tickets on Eventbrite. The play is 50 minutes and there will be a post-show talk after the performance.

The Inclusive Theatre Collective

The Inclusive Theatre Collective is funded by VIU’s Innovate Grant and the arts-based programming helps students:

  • establish strong social networks and relationships,
  • build community connections,
  • build resiliency and support physical and emotional wellness, and
  • get creative. 

Ceridwen, who is taking exploratory studies but wants to transfer to the Theatre Diploma, says she is a huge theatre person, which motivated her to join.

“It’s a good opportunity to get to know people. It’s a good atmosphere and the people there are all really nice,” says Ceridwen.

To learn more about the Inclusive Theatre Collective, email Eliza.Gardiner@viu.ca.

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