The High School at VIU

High School at VIU

You’re interested in a different kind of high school experience – one where you can explore ideas and passions in small classes and get totally engaged in your learning.

As a high school student from Canada or around the world in grades 10 through 12, you will find an amazingly warm, supportive and inspiring environment at The High School at VIU. Get to know students from around the world in small classes, and receive personal attention for your studies along with access to the facilities and experiences available on VIU’s campus. We are the only high school in BC directly connected to a university campus, and we know you will love the environment here.

You will be challenged and supported as you learn and grow here, and will develop deep and valuable perspectives on other cultures while gaining new skills and talents. Developing deep connections, new skills, and leadership qualities will help you find success in high school, and these successes will help you decide on your next steps for post-secondary studies at VIU or beyond.

Dweeja Mehta attended The High School at VIU

Dweeja Mehta

“I am from Dubai, UAE, and my experience at The High School has been one I’ll always be thankful for. The academic experience for me has been so rich, and the things that I have learned here, I know I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. The teachers here are so helpful and welcoming, and that is something I think, only comes with a school this size. They reach out to you in a way that feels like home. I learned a lot from my peers here, so many lessons exchanged through friendships, cultures and classes together. Coming to this school was a great opportunity for me to explore myself and discover my interests. I’ve learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses, and I can definitely say this school changed me for the better, for which I am glad.”

Dweeja is a graduate of The High School at VIU