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Introducing VIU’s new Career Studio

August 31, 2022
Author: Kashish Khanna

A one-stop solution for all your career needs

Are you looking for help with writing a resumé or cover letter? Want some advice on how to prepare for an interview? Wondering what career options might be a good fit? This fall the Centre for Experiential Learning is launching a new service, called Career Studio, to deliver services vital to building lifelong career planning skills.

What is Career Studio?

Career Studio is a new drop-in service opening in the fall of 2022 that assists VIU students with writing resumés and cover letters, interview preparation, searching for jobs and exploring potential careers. You can drop in to Building 255, Room 204 on the Nanaimo campus, or book a virtual appointment. It is available to all students in all programs and at all campuses. We also help with professional LinkedIn set-up and connecting with VIU alumni and professionals in your desired working field to discover experiential learning opportunities both on and off-campus.

Are you feeling stressed about career decision-making?

You are not alone. Book a one-on-one appointment to discuss your career plan, get help with interview preparation, learn effective job search strategies or work on your resumé and cover letter. In addition, we collaborate with student organizations, faculty, staff, academic departments and other units on campus to support students in preparing for their next steps in their career journey.

About Paula, VIU’s Career Services Specialist

Portrait of Paula Deering

Career Studio is led by Paula Deering, VIU’s Career Services Specialist. She is a Certified Career Development Practitioner with more than eight years of experience in career exploration, employment planning and preparation. Paula has worked as an Employment Counsellor, Facilitator and Return to Work Disability Case Manager. Paula is also a member of the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals and the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada.  

“I am thrilled to be part of an amazing team here at VIU! Career services have increased confidence, reduced stress and helped many people I have worked with move forward with a spring in their step. I love to see the light in people’s eyes when they reflect on their experiences and learn about themselves, their strengths and values. Helping people prepare and connect with employers is key to success in job search and bringing people together is fun and rewarding.” 

Paula thinks storytelling is a powerful tool, and she’s excited to bring this narrative approach to the University. 

“I believe in what the Chaos Theory of Careers tells us and encourage folks to remain open-minded and curious, experiment with new things and look for clues. It’s okay to take risks, be flexible and go with the flow! It is important to celebrate successes but equally important to analyze failures and learn from them. Trust your instincts and keep in mind that there isn't always a ‘correct’ or ‘right’ plan. Go ahead and walk through all open doors; you just never know what you might find!”

Career Studio opens its doors to all VIU students starting in Fall 2022. Visit and come talk to us for any career-related support.


Kashish Khanna is a Marketing Intern with the Centre for Experiential Learning.

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