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Students Say ...

BSc Major in Biology Student, Caitlin Smith, on a field trip

Caitlin Smith

“The biology program at VIU has given me a different perspective on the world. Learning about the diversity of life on the planet and how and why living things are the way they are has given me an even greater appreciation for nature and has allowed me to see the world how it actually is. I believe I matter at VIU because, with such small class sizes, it allows you to actually get to know your professors, and you can tell how each one cares to see all of their students succeed.”

Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology

Matt Lineker, a student of VIU's Bachelor in Graphic Design degree program on campus

Matt Lineker

“In my program, there is a small number of students. I get to attend classes with the same small group of peers and teachers for four years. This lets me get to know each person quite well. Instructors take the time to get to know me, and we continue to interact for four years. After only two years in the program, I already feel incredibly comfortable and confident thanks to the environment.”

Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design

VIU"s Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design Student, Karlee Takasaki, in the library

Karlee Takasaki

“I fell in love with the Island, its slower pace of life, the absolutely stunning and unique nature that encompasses you no matter where you are. I took a leap of faith on Nanaimo, and coincidentally, VIU had the exact program that I wanted to be in. Now that I'm here, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.”

Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design

Natalie Gates, a student of the degree in Political Science program, working on her thesis

Natalie Gates

“My internship as a writer with School District 68’s Communications department was great. It was part of a course in the creative writing/journalism program that helps us find an internship in our field. I was able to put the skills I have developed through my courses and working at the school paper, the Navigator, to work in a real-world environment and tell inspiring stories about the schools in the city. It also helped open my eyes to the different types of writing jobs that are available, such as in communications.”

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Political Studies, Minor in Journalism

Denise Tierney enjoying her time in VIU's Visual Arts Diploma program

Denise Tierney

“Visual Art faculty members are genuinely interested in our success. They're encouraging and accessible and always on the look-out for personal development opportunities for students. They help us make connections within the art community and offer career guidance based on their own experiences.”

Culinary Management Diploma Student, Amanda Rizzo, at VIU's Culinary Campus

Amanda Rizzo

“My first year living on my own for the first time in VIU residence I had an amazing orientation program that made me feel welcome and at home. Being a part of the VIU ‘ResTide’ has introduced me to some of my closest friends. The orientation program was so much fun it kept me very busy, which gave me little time to miss home.”

Forest Resources Technology Diploma Student, Jiahang Li, undergoing a logging training

Jiahang Li

“I came from China. I wanted to know how BC sustainably manages their forest estate and learn about the differences between the industries from the two countries. VIU's Forestry program has a long history and good reputation for coastal forestry. They're well known for small-sized classes and interactive class environments. I benefited so much from this setting because my instructors and I got to know each other very well. All the individual help I received from them definitely made a huge difference. VIU cares about their students. This is really nice, especially when studying abroad is sometimes a little challenging for most international students.”

Forest Resources Technology Diploma

Hannah Donovan, a student of Vancouver Island University's Social Services Diploma program, in front of the bookstore

Hannah Donovan

“VIU does a great job of making every student feel like they matter. Every staff member I have encountered, from professors to librarians to cafeteria cashiers, is smiling and provides such respect for everyone. The environment is continually positive, making every student feel respected and important.”

Social Services Diploma

Carpentry Student, Steve Remple, working on timber at VIU's carpenter school

Steve Remple

“One of the most memorable concepts I've learned in the Carpentry program is thinking through a project from start to finish before you start building, which will make the process go a lot smoother. I've also learned to ask for other people's input on how to do something because everyone has a different way of thinking and working out problems. By doing this you can find ways that may help you work more efficiently.”

BSc Double minor in Chemistry and Psychology Student, Daisy Feehan, in the lab

Daisy Feehan

“A positive experience I've had as a VIU student is just being believed in before I could believe in myself. My professors saw something in me that I couldn't yet, and they pushed me to succeed. I couldn't have done it without them.”

Bachelor of Science, Double Minor in Chemistry and Psychology

Culinary Management Diploma Student, Janet Kerr-Hall, in the kitchen of VIU's Culinary Institute

Janet Kerr-Hall

“I have an undergraduate degree from Queens University and a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto. My experience at Vancouver Island University has been my best post-secondary experience yet!  The small classes at VIU result in personalized  instruction where I matter.  All of my chefs and professors know my name, are supportive of my life goals and have significantly contributed to my successes.”

Culinary Management Diploma