Trades and Applied Technology

Trades and Applied Technology

Train for an in-demand career in trades and technology. VIU delivers the highest standard of education in more than 20 trades and technical fields.

Dedicated, skilled instructors teach the real-world skills employers look for. At VIU you learn your trade in a workplace environment using advanced technology. This hands-on training makes you a top candidate when you enter the workforce.

Apprenticeship Programs

For all apprenticeships, approximately 80% of the training is done on-the-job and 20% is in-school technical training delivered at an accredited training institution. To become certified, an apprentice must complete on-the-job experience, successfully pass all in-school technical training and pass the Provincial or Inter-Provincial Examination with a 70% or better.

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Amanda Dawe

“I’ve found it positive to be challenged to truly understand the material, not just pass the tests. My classes have been a place of inclusion and provide an enriching learning environment. I have had the pleasure of instructors who push you to a complete understanding of the trade -- to know the theory and not just memorize.”