VIU Students at Beach

Vision Statement

The University’s Vision Statement builds upon the mandate for BC’s special purpose, teaching universities in the University’s own language, adding statements of purpose, values, a visionary goal, and specific objectives to guide the work of the institution.


As a leader in providing high-quality learning, Vancouver Island University supports the well being of the people of Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia by promoting a high quality of life for their communities through commitment to student success, community engagement and associated scholarship.

Core Values

Learning: we support student success, access to education, appropriate use of technology, development of literacies, communication and exchange of ideas across disciplines and locations, exploration and application of new thought and pursuit of lifelong learning

Discovery: through the pursuit of free enquiry we promote an enduring learning community

Engagement: we value ongoing cooperation with our partners in education, with communities in our region and with colleagues throughout the world

Achievement: we believe in the potential of our learners and are committed to promoting the excellence and success of our students, faculty, staff and alumni

Diversity: we value human diversity in all its dimensions and are committed to maintaining learning and working environments which are equitable, diverse and inclusive

Celebration: we celebrate the achievements of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and the communities we serve

Sustainability: we support a healthy sustainable environment through progressive operational practices and promotion of environmental awareness

Visionary Goal

Through the promotion of excellence in learning, we inspire our students and the people of Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia as a trusted educational partner in the search for sustainable cultural, economic, environmental and social prosperity.


Student learning, engagement and success

Promote student leadership and the application of intellectual and practical skills to ensure the success of our students

Encourage the development of literacies and communication skills in all of our instructional programs

Enhance experiential learning opportunities and involvement in scholarship and community-based learning

Provide effective student services that support programs, build the campus community and improve the quality of life of students

Academic community

Maintain teaching as our priority in support of student learning and institutional identity

Attract and retain faculty with expertise that supports the institutional vision

Develop an appropriate identity and standards for members of our diverse academic community 
Enhance academic support services in order to empower faculty

Program quality

Maintain our commitment to academic, applied, developmental, experiential and professional programs that provide multiple educational opportunities

Continue to explore the development of high-quality programs, including graduate programs, that address identified needs

Support programs with operationally sustainable services, technologies and facilities

Promote a culture of program assessment and continuous improvement

Community engagement

Sustain collaborative relationships with communities and educational partners in order to ensure optimal responses to regional cultural, economic, environmental and social needs

Enhance collaborative relationships with Aboriginal communities in order to develop opportunities for, and to promote the success of, Aboriginal students

Develop innovative multi-disciplinary programs that address the issues facing the region

Promote awareness of global cultures, issues and conditions and the role played by the region nationally and internationally

Institutional effectiveness

Promote a culture of respect, transparency and accountability

Provide visionary administrative leadership that creates a valued institution

Support faculty, staff and student involvement in University leadership and governance

Build relationships with local, national and international organizations, alumni and friends that contribute to the reputation and success of the University