Course Offerings

Course offerings will be finalized in late April of every year. Contact your Career Coordinator for this list of courses.

Many first year courses are offered in these subject areas:

Accounting, Art, Performing Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Digital Media, Economics, Education Assistant, English, Foundations for Success, Geography, History, Info Tech, Journalism, Languages, Liberal Studies, Marketing, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Philosophy, Poetry, Political Studies, Psychology, Management, Tourism, Recreation and Hospitality, Sociology, Social Work, Theatre, and Women's Studies. 

Interested in a course? Check out the course descriptions.

Interested in a certificate toward a career? 

Certificate programs are offered too!

Certificate granting programs such as Health Care Assistant Program (HCAS) and can be purchased by a School District and a cohort is created. This cohort is filled with high school students only. If you are interested in programs in the following areas, let your Career Coordinator know! 

Cohort Model – Entire sections of a course are purchased by the School District and filled with high school students only.  This option can be arranged at a start time preferred by the school district i.e. start in February to align with high school semesters.

Dual Credit cohorts have been offered to high school students in following program areas: 

Interested in Indigenous culture and learning? Dual Credit cohorts have been offered in this area, too:

CLOSE X Dual Credit