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International Refunds with PayMyTuition

To request a refund, please email or For successful refund requests, Vancouver Island University has partnered with PayMyTuition to provide refunds to international students.

The steps below outline our international refund process with PayMyTuition, and how your refund will be deposited to your bank account once Vancouver Island University has finalized processing your refund.


Initiate your refund: You will receive an email from PayMyTuition ( This email will provide further instructions on how to complete your refund:

PayMyTuition Refund Screen Shot


Enter beneficiary details: Complete the online refund beneficiary instruction form which requires currency, identification documentation (either passport or driver’s license), banking and beneficiary information.


  • You may choose to deposit the funds into someone else’s bank account. When you are directed to the PayMyTuition refund form, you will have the option within the Beneficiary Information tab to select someone else as the recipient and input their bank information. 

Beneficiary Details on PayMyTuition Refund Page


Complete verification: Upon receipt of your completed beneficiary instructions, PayMyTuition will verify your request for accuracy. They will complete fraud and compliance checks to comply with various anti-money laundering and compliance laws.


Payment confirmation: PayMyTuition will send you a confirmation email once your beneficiary information has been verified and approved. You will receive a PDF summary that is password protected. This PDF can be accessed using the bank account number that you provided in Step 2 as the password.


Refund processed: Once your refund has been processed, you will receive a notification that your refund is complete. Please allow 3-5 business days for the payment to be deposited to your account.

If you encounter any difficulties with your refund, please contact for assistance.