VIU Spring Semester

Dates and Deadlines

January 1 (Monday): New Year’s Day; University closed.

January 8 (Monday): First day of classes.

January 15 (Monday): Last day for course waitlists.

January 19 (Friday): Last day for 90% refund of fees for full withdrawal or 100% refund of fees for partial withdrawal.

January 22 (Monday): Spring Semester fees are due and calculated based on course enrolment as of this date.

January 23 (Tuesday): Any unpaid Spring Semester fees will be assessed a 5% late payment fee.

February 1 (Thursday): Last day for 50% refund of fees for course withdrawal.

February 15 (Thursday): Students with fees owing will be de-registered from all Spring courses.

February 19 (Monday): Family Day; University closed.

February 20–23 (Tuesday – Friday): Spring Semester Study Days for Academic programs.

March 4–5 (Monday/Tuesday): Registration for May and June Summer terms begins.

March 29 (Friday): Good Friday; University closed.

April 1 (Monday): Easter Monday; University closed.

April 2 (Tuesday): Last day for academic penalty-free withdrawal from Spring Semester courses or full-year courses, or to change from credit to audit (or vice-versa).

April 12 (Friday): Last day of classes.

April 15 (Monday): First day of final examinations. April 24 (Wednesday): Last day of final examinations. May 3 (Friday): Final Spring Semester grades due.

May 6 (Monday): First day of classes for the May Summer Session.

May 20 (Monday): Victoria Day; University closed.

June 21 (Friday): Last day of classes for the May 7-week term of Summer Session.

June 24 (Monday): First day of classes for the June Summer Session.