VIU Spring Semester

Important Information

Access your student record and most registration services at

You can see your grades, update your address, check your place on waitlists, add or drop courses, review your fees, obtain a confirmation of enrolment letter and more.

Login to your Student Record.

Prior to the first day of the semester:

  • If a seat becomes available, you will be enrolled automatically
  • Drop waitlisted courses if you are no longer interested

Once the semester begins:

  • Check your online student record each day for the first week of the semester (Monday, January 8 to Monday, January 15)
  • If a seat becomes available, it will be held for you temporarily
    You have until the end of the day to claim it, online or by contacting any Registration Centre
  • If you do not claim the seat on the day it is held, you will be removed from the waitlist

Prerequisites ensure you have a reasonable chance to be successful in the course.

Check your student record to ensure that you meet prerequisites for courses: “Web Registration,” and then “Register” for the Spring 2024 Semester and then “Check Prerequisites”. Any unmet prerequisites will be noted. Please withdraw from courses if you will not meet the prerequisite.

If you do not meet course prerequisites, you may be withdrawn. By the time you are withdrawn, it may be too late to register for another course.

If you would like to have a prerequisite waived, you must obtain approval from the Department Chair. Please ensure permission is granted as soon as possible and no later than Friday, December 8. The Chair will notify the Registration Centre of this waiver.

At the end of the semester, your grades will be posted to your student record. If you choose to appeal your final grade, the appeal procedure is available from the Registration Centre. You must begin an official appeal within 10 working days of the date the grade is assigned (excluding University closures).

You can add a Spring Semester course until Monday, January 15, online or by contacting any Registration Centre. If you want to add a course after that time, instructor permission is required. Use Web Registration in your student record to initiate a request.

We strongly recommended you begin courses on time. If you are unable to participate at the start of the semester, you can maintain your registration status for up to two weeks by notifying the instructor of your absence by email prior to the first scheduled class.

If you do not show up to the first class and have not notified your instructor, you may be withdrawn without prior notice.

To find your instructor’s contact information, look in your student record under “my course enrolment history” and click on the icon next to the class.

All new and continuing students registered in at least six credits for the Fall or Spring Semester will be assessed an annual fee of $265 on behalf of the VIU Students’ Union to pay for one year of Extended Health and Dental coverage. If you were not assessed this fee in the Fall Semester, it will be due by Monday, January 22. Students who already have comparable coverage may apply to opt-out of the plan at or through the link in the student record. Any questions should be directed to the Students’ Union at 250.754.8866 or email

New and continuing international students are also charged the international insurance fee of $246.00 per semester for basic medical coverage, until opt-out is confirmed after you receive valid

BC MSP coverage. Deadline to opt-out is January 30, 2024.

When you drop a course, it can have a big impact on your:

  • tuition fees
  • student loan eligibility
  • sponsorship eligibility
  • immigration status
  • grades

If you register for a course but change your mind, you must officially drop it through your student record. It is not enough to inform your instructor or to just not show up.

If you are planning on dropping below a full-time course load, we encourage you to discuss your plans with a VIU Educational Advisor or VIU Immigration Advisor.

Please take note of these important deadlines if you are considering dropping a course.

Date of Withdraw

Withdrawing from all Spring courses
(full withdrawal)

Withdrawing from 1 or more, but not all, Spring courses
(partial withdrawal)

Before the Start of the Semester: up to and including Friday, January 5

100% refund of tuition fees

100% refund of tuition fees

Within the first two weeks of the Semester: Monday, January 8, to Friday, January 19

90% refund of tuition fees*

100% refund of tuition fees

Monday, January 22 to Thursday, February 1

50% refund of tuition fees

50% refund of tuition fees

February 2 and beyond

No refund

No refund

* For new students, your tuition deposit is non-refundable.

Grades: The last day to drop a course to avoid getting an “F” grade assigned is Tuesday, April 2.

Spring exams

Make sure you are available during exam dates: April 15–24. Exam schedules will be posted in your student record in early March.

Official transcripts can be ordered through your student record or by calling the Registration Centre. The fee is $12.75 per copy. A rush transcript, ordered to go out by mail the next day, is available for $21.20 per copy.

You can access an unofficial transcript at no charge in your student record.

Educational Advisors are here to help and support you throughout your educational journey. Students in degree programs are also served by Degree Advisors.

Connect with an Advising Centre at any VIU campus:

By email

By telephone

  • Cowichan: 250.746.3509
  • Nanaimo: 1.888.920.2221 or 250.740.6410
  • tiwšεmawtxw campus: 604.485.2878
  • International students: 250.740.6315

Learn more about Educational Advising.

VIU’s Goal Planning System (GPS) can be launched from your student record. GPS will show how your courses can work towards your academic goals and will list courses you still need to complete.

We strongly encourage you to discuss your GPS results with your Degree Advisor or Program Chair.

Photo identification is required for in-person services.

For services over the phone or online, we protect your student record by asking for your student number, your student record password and the answer to a security question. You create your question and answer, and you may change it at any time.

A parent, spouse or friend may not act on your behalf to conduct any business or make any detailed inquiries about your account without your consent. To authorize someone to act on your behalf when speaking to us, you will need to provide them with your student number and the answer to your security question. If you share this information with a third party, it is a good practice to change it afterwards.

The VIU Safety App is available for Apple and Android devices. It allows us to send messages to you in times of emergency and features quick access to Campus Security, a personal safety toolbox, campus maps and more.

If you wish to temporarily withdraw from VIU, you may apply for a leave of absence for the remainder of the current academic year and the following year. Apply to the Dean of your program for a leave of absence. If your request is approved, when you return you will be considered a continuing student for the purpose of registration.

International students planning on being away from VIU for more than 5 months (150 days) should consult with a VIU Immigration Advisor regarding the impacts to health insurance and immigration status.

Pay parking is in effect at the Nanaimo campus on a “first come, first parked” basis. Learn more about parking regulations. Due to limited parking, alternative forms of transportation are encouraged such as public transit, carpooling, walking, or biking.

More information



  • Nanaimo: (toll free) 1.888.920.2221 or 250.740.6400
  • Cowichan: 250.746.3500
  • tiwšεmawtxw (Powell River): 604.485.2878
  • International students: 250.740.6315