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Management Skills Courses

Management Skills Workshop

A practical workshop for those who supervise others. This 12-day course is offered in three modules: MGMT 145, 146, and 147, approximately one month apart. The workshop format includes video case studies, short lectures, self-scoring inventories, role-plays and simulated learning experiences to provide a stimulating adult learning environment. Note: Regular tuition fees do not apply.

Course offerings vary from year to year. Check Generate a Timetable for available course offerings.

MGMT 145 (2) Interpersonal Skills

Part I (4 days) of Management Skills. Topics include MBTI (a tool for understanding self and others); helpful ways of listening, responding, and giving feedback; conflict resolution; assertiveness techniques; and how to conduct a problem solving interview. (16:16:0 for 1 weeks)

Prerequisite: Designed for current managers and administrators in business, industry, public, and non-profit sectors.

MGMT 146 (2) Team Building Skills

Part II (4 days) of Management Skills. Topics include leadership styles for varying situations; what motivates workers; building effective project teams; techniques for effective meetings; how to deal with problem behaviours in a fair and consistent manner; what and how to delegate to ensure commitment. (16:16:0 for 1 weeks)

Prerequisite: MGMT 145.

MGMT 147 (2) Administrative Skills

Part III (4 days) of Management Skills. Topics include performance appraisals; job and task analysis; employee selection; orienting new employees; training techniques; writing skills; time and stress management. (16:16:0 for 1 weeks)

Prerequisite: MGMT 146.

MGMT 148 (6) Management Skills

A study of interpersonal, team building and administrative skills offered only upon the request of, and solely for, individual organizations. Topics include essential supervisory skills and responsibilities; personal leadership and accountability; communication and conflict management; team development; organizational communication; performance management; leadership and change. Students may use either MGMT 148 or one or more of MGMT 145, MGMT 146, and MGMT 147 as elective credits. (7:7:0 for 7 weeks)

Prerequisite: None.