Students of the Bachelor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

You enjoy working with others to make a difference. You embrace diversity and care about having a positive impact on the world. And you are curious about so many things.

With more than 25 majors, minors and honours programs to choose from, VIU offers many opportunities to find your fit for your future career. With the dedicated support of talented, experienced faculty, you’ll broaden your perspectives. These programs will help you learn to communicate effectively while tackling complex problems.

When you graduate you'll join other alumni working to make the world a better place. VIU alumni work in a wide range of organizations that value the abilities and values of Bachelor of Arts graduates.

Bachelor Degree

Serene Kerpan

“My BA was my ticket in the door to a life and career I love now. At VIU I got the one-on-one attention I needed to really find my passion."


-- Serene graduated with a BA in Phys. Ed and History and went on to pursue her PhD in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. She is currently Assistant Professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Read more.