Students of the Bachelor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

You are ready to live up to your fullest potential in your work and life.

You thrive on being connected and enjoy working with others to make a difference. You embrace diversity and have the ability to transcend different cultural settings. You are a person who truly cares about having an impact on the world, and you are curious about so many things.

With the dedicated support and guidance of talented, deeply experienced faculty, you will broaden your perspectives to discover a future path. Learn how to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively while tackling complex problems. You will find your way forward amidst shifting trends in a rapidly changing world.

With more than 25 Majors, Minors and Honours programs to choose from, there are so many opportunities to specialize in areas that are a fit for your future career. You will graduate to join other alumni who are working to make the world a better place in a wide range of businesses and organizations, across many sectors that value the skills, aptitudes, and passions of Bachelor of Arts graduates.

Bachelor of Arts, Geography Major Student, Haley Robinson in front of a world map

Haley Robinson

“I'm from Brampton, Ontario, a short drive from Toronto. I heard about VIU from a neighbour and they had an amazing experience studying here. I was really drawn to VIU by the small class sizes and amazing faculty to student ratio; I had studied at another university previously with classes of up to 900 students. Making the switch was the best decision I've ever made.”

Haley graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Geography