Professional Development and Training

Professional Development and Training

You have a career goal in mind and want to get started right away, or you are a lifelong learner who is looking to take the next step in your current career and your life.

You’ll find a match in VIU’s professional development and training programs for the current and emerging needs of both learners and employers in our region. That means you will receive high-quality education and short-term training to link you with careers and employers who need skilled employees in a wide range of jobs and employment sectors.

You will get plenty of individual attention to help you successfully complete your program, working with professional instructors in small classes and in online learning environments.

Get started today with this important step in the direction of your career and professional development.

Megan Newman is a student of the Community Health Promotion for Aboriginal Communities Student

Megan Newman

“I have benefited tremendously from the program by not only making great friends with my class peers but from also learning a great deal from our teachers and Elders of the program. I have learned a lot of information and cultural protocol that I would not necessarily have been given at the work place and this has helped me greatly in the community when it comes to relaying any personal experiences, so that I can connect with the people I work with and communities we help.”

Megan graduated in the Community Health Promotion for Aboriginal Communities program