You are ready to explore your future path in life, and you’re excited to discover what lies ahead that is a match for your hopes and dreams.

Find a warm, welcoming, inclusive and generous community of Aboriginal students, faculty, Elders and staff who come together to support your academic and personal goals and help you overcome any obstacles you might find that get in the way to achieving them. As a culturally responsive post-secondary institution, VIU is committed to working in partnership with Aboriginal peoples to improve their educational opportunities. Our students represent many different nations and cultures and come to VIU with a rich and unique traditional knowledge base. You will find support every step of the way as you explore your educational and career path in a community of belonging here.

We will see you at VIU’s centre for Aboriginal students, Shq’apthut: A Gathering Place, where you can study, meet with Elders and new friends, get support for whatever you need, and participate in cultural activities, feasts, celebrations, social and volunteer activities, and learning programs.

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