Science and Technology

Science, Engineering, and Technology Programs

You're driven by curiosity and love the challenge of a problem to solve. You enjoy exploration, discovery and experimentation.

At VIU, you can explore topics deeply thanks to small class sizes and even smaller labs. With only 16-18 students in a lab, you get the attention and help of instructors that sets you up for success in your field.

The mentorship, hands-on-learning and opportunities for undergraduate research you get at VIU makes it easy for you experiment with your options. With the guidance of faculty who care about your success you'll discover your path to a future career or further studies in science and technology.

Christoph Hofmeister

“The fact that I came back to school at 36, took on one of the most challenging degrees there is and manage to succeed at it is something I'm extremely proud of. It's not easy being older than everyone else. There is a lot of judgement from my social peers about going back to school at this age but I am definitely glad I made the choice. My life has been so much richer for it.”