Science and Technology

Science and Technology

You are a person who enjoys exploration, discovery, and the opportunity to apply what you have learned to achieve your goals in life.

Discover your path to careers and further study in science and technology, and benefit from lectures  in small classes and even smaller, personalized lab experiences with 16-18 students, Here you will find the attention and assistance that will get you where you want to go. Mentorship, hands-on-learning, and opportunities for undergraduate research in labs and the field make VIU’s science and technology programs stand apart.

Move into successful careers or further studies with the guidance of faculty who care about your success, and who help you connect your learning to a distinct and exciting future path.

BSc Double minor in Chemistry and Psychology Student, Daisy Feehan, in the lab

Daisy Feehan

“A positive experience I've had as a VIU student is just being believed in before I could believe in myself. My professors saw something in me that I couldn't yet, and they pushed me to succeed. I couldn't have done it without them.”

Bachelor of Science, Double Minor in Chemistry and Psychology