A diverse group of Students of Vancouver Island University's Art Programs

Art, Design and Performing Arts

People call you the creative type.

You’re hands-on, a visionary-in-the-making with ideas galore, an artist, an innovator, an originator, a performer. Whatever you are passionate about, you want to hone your talents and gain the new skills you will need to find a rewarding, challenging and meaningful career in the creative industries.

Your imagination, ideas and expression will get the full support of VIU faculty, who will work with you and share their deep experience to shape your talents and interests for a career tailored to your area of choice. You might dream of acting or working in stagecraft, making original music, creating beautiful and functional designs, teaching others in the creative fields, or seeing your work on canvas or on the big screen. Study art, design and theatre to launch your career in the growing creative economy where you can work in many settings from small businesses to large organizations.

Alyson Wheeldon, a student of VIU's Bachelor of Interior Design program

Alyson Wheeldon

“Interior design requires a lot more problem solving than most people think – it’s way more involved than just picking out furniture. For example, in class we study function and aesthetics. I like how hands-on and involved the VIU Interior Design program is. In the future, I hope to work at a design firm, and eventually open my own business in the Victoria area.”