Students of the Exploratory University Studies (EXPO) program exploring downtown Nanaimo

Exploratory University Studies (EXPO)

You’re ready to get started on university studies, or maybe you are returning to studies after time away from formal learning. There are many options to explore before you commit to a future path.

It’s okay not to know where to begin! You can discover the many options available to you with full support and encouragement in the EXPO program. There are many paths for your passion, and you might be surprised at what you find when you begin to explore the opportunities.

What you will find regardless of the courses you choose is the full support of Educational Advisors who are dedicated to helping you understand your strengths, values, interests and goals.

Let’s get started!

Exploratory University Studies (EXPO) is an opportunity for you to take university credit courses while exploring your options further.

Perhaps you’ve got your eye on a program that has some first-year courses as prerequisites, or maybe you just aren’t sure if you want to get your degree in Arts, Business, Science, or something else. EXPO gets you in the door and gives you the opportunity you’re looking for, and it will give us the chance to reach out to help you find your true pathway.

EXPO students receive individualized support from Educational Advisors to help you deepen your understanding of your strengths, values, and interests. This will assist you to develop educational plans and create action plans to help you create or meet your goals.

As an EXPO student you will need to meet general university admission requirements and satisfy all course prerequisites. While there are some advantages to being in a specific degree, diploma, or certificate program EXPO might be the best choice for you if your plans are uncertain or if you’re upgrading to qualify for your true goal.

All students considering EXPO are encouraged to visit the Advising Centre to discuss whether this is the right opportunity for you.

Exploratory University Studies Student, Kyra Egan, exploring Nainaimo

Kyra Egan

“The amazing educational counsellors at VIU helped me out by showing me the possibilities I had at VIU. They took into consideration my general interests and gave me some ideas for courses to try. My counselor did not push me in any direction, and they allowed me to change my mind and supported me at every step. I was even encouraged to look into possible career paths within various fields to see if there was anything that I was interested in. My first year of university would had been a lot more stressful if it weren’t for the amazing educational counsellors at VIU. I plan on continuing to go to them for advice during my time at VIU.”

Kyra began her studies at VIU in the EXPO program (Exploratory University Studies)