A Student of the BC Adult Graduation Diploma in the library

BC Adult Graduation Diploma

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    Cowichan, Nanaimo, Powell River

The Adult Dogwood Program

The BC Adult Graduation Diploma (BCAGD) is a diploma that is equivalent to a BC Grade 12 diploma. To be eligible to graduate from this program students must complete five courses. Normally, at least three of these courses would be taken at VIU (or another post-secondary institution), and at least one of these courses MUST be taken at VIU in order for students to be eligible for the BCAGD offered through VIU. Prior Learning Assessments may be used to meet any of the requirements for the BCAGD. In addition, any 4-credit course that is authorized by the Ministry of Education (MEd) or the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development (ALMD) as requirements for graduation may be used towards the BCAGD.

Financial Support

Financial support may be available to students in ABE programs through the Adult Basic Education Student Assistance Program (ABESAP), Human Resources and Social Development Canada, the Ministry of Human Resources, Native Bands, and other organizations. Check with the agencies concerned or ask about financial aid at your local campus, or centre.

ABE Learning Centres

Learning Centres are available to assist students with:

  • help while studying ABE courses
  • preparing for assessments for admission to ABE or other VIU programs
  • materials to prepare for assessments and other tests
  • support for distance and online courses
  • support Prior Learning Assessment preparation

Call your campus to find out more about Learning Centre services and hours.

Program Outline

In order to qualify for the BCAGD, students must take English 067, one mathematics course at the 04 or 06 level, and three additional provincial level courses.

BC Adult Graduation Diploma

ENGL 067 - (English - Provincial)

Select one of the following Mathematics courses:
MATH 041 - (Introductory Algebra-Advanced) 
MATH 045 - (Principles of Mathematics 11 - Part I)
MATH 046 - (Principles of Mathematics 11 - Part II)
MATH 047 - (Principles of Mathematics 11 - Advanced)
MATH 066 - (Principles of Mathematics 12: Part II)
MATH 067 - (Principles of Mathematics 12)

Select three of the following Provincial Level courses:
BIOL 067 - (Biology 12 - Provincial) 
CHEM 067 - (Chemistry 12 - Provincial)
COST 067 - (Computer Studies 12 - Provincial)
EDCP 067 - (Education and Career Planning 12)
FNST 067 - (First Nation Studies 12)*
GEOG 067 - (Provincial Level Geography)* 
HIST 067 - (History 12 - Provincial (ABE))
MATH 067 - (Principles of Mathematics 12)
PHYS 067 - (Principles of Physics 12 - Provincial)
PSYC 067 - (Social Sciences - Social Psychology - Provincial Level)*
SOST 067 - (Europe in the 20th Century)*
SOST 047 - (Social Studies 11)*

* These courses are not currently offered at VIU.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Admission Requirements

  • Students must be 18 years or older, or have special permission.
  • Students must meet the prerequisites for each course to be taken.


Contact Vancouver Island University in your community for information on course availability, schedules, and registration information:

  • in Nanaimo, call 250-740-6425, or attend a free Information Session held every Monday at 2:30 pm in Building 205.
  • in Parksville-Qualicum, call 250-248-2096.
  • in Cowichan, call 250-746-3500.
  • in Powell River, call (604) 485-2878.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.