Program calendar icon Program Length

  • 30 Weeks

Program credential icon Credential

  • Certificate

Program location icon Location Offered

  • Online

The Cooperative Entrepreneur Training Certificate Program

Students with cognitive barriers or students who have faced employment challenges will learn all the essential skills of being an entrepreneur. With Faculty and community support, students will create a simplified business plan and acquire all the necessary licenses to operate their business. In the last 4-weeks of the program, students will put their business into practice with support from Faculty and assigned community mentors.

Fall SemesterCredits
CETP 100T - (Introduction to Self-Employment)2
CETP 101T - (Entrepreneur Exploration)2
CETP 102T - (Communicating as an Entrepreneur)3
CETP 103T - (Researching the Competition)4
CETP 104T - (Targeted Marketing and Advertising)4

Semester Total

Spring SemesterCredits
CETP 105T - (Business Plan Essentials)5
CETP 106T - (Entrepreneur Showmanship)3
CETP 107T - (Self Employment Community Mentorship)3
CETP 108T - (Self Employment: Connecting to the Community)4

Semester Total


Program Total



  • High school graduation or completion certificate
  • Minimum 17 years of age and out of high school for at least one year
  • Completion of an employment preparation program such as WEST (accredited program) or at least one year of work and/or volunteer experience. An intake assessment will be conducted for each applicant to address suitability and to identify if self-employment is a feasible, realistic goal.

Applicants will be required to participate in an intake interview with the CETP Faculty to identify and discuss their goals of wanting to be in the program. The intake interview will be an opportunity for the Faculty to deem the applicants' suitability to the program.

Notes on Admission

  • A criminal record check may be required depending on the practicum location. 

Preference will be given to candidates with:

  • Post-Secondary education (employment readiness program)
  • Work experience


Students will become self-employed.

Domestic Fees

Tuition and Other Mandatory Student Fees

When applying to the program, applicants will be charged a non-refundable application fee.

When applying to graduate, students will be charged a non-refundable graduation and alumni fee.

Some courses have additional fees to pay for extraordinary class–related expenses.

Fees Amount
Tuition (30 credits x $239.22 per credit) 7,176.60
Lab Fee 220.81
Student Activity fee (4% of tuition) 295.90
Student Services fee (30 credits x $7.35 per credit) 220.50
VIU Students' Union fee (9 months x $27.60 per month) 248.40

The VIUSU Health and Dental Plan fee is assessed for all students enrolled in 6 credits or more per term, or in Trades/Vocational programs of 5 months or longer.  

All fees are subject to change without prior notice and are expected to increase by 2% each year on April 1.

Domestic (Canadian)

Program Start Date Accepting Applications Campus Options
Anticipated intake for someone applying today:
Next Intake(s):

The Cooperative Entrepreneur Training Certificate has one program start date in September.

Application Fee:
Admissions Assistant:
Name: Helene Viau
Phone: 250.753.3245 ext. 2040
Coordinator Contact:
Name: Amy Woermke
Phone: 403.988.5599
Document Deadline:

Best to submit documents as soon as possible after you've applied.


Seats in the program are offered as follows: first qualified applications are given first offers, until all seats are filled.

Further information on this program can be found on the Department website.

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Previous versions of this program can be found in the Program Archive.