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Are you a person living with a disability who is interested in learning new skills to help you join the workforce?

VIU’s part-time Employability Skills Program is a life skills training program that gives students the knowledge and confidence to gain meaningful employment.

The two-year, non-credit program combines classroom instruction with on-site training to gives students a well-rounded education. Instructors make sure that learning is fun and meaningful, and focused on improving skills that help in work and life.

The Employability Skills Program

This part-time program combines classroom instruction and work-site training. It offers adults with disabilities opportunities to learn new skills in the areas of:

  • employment preparation;
  • personal management skills required for workplace and independent living;
  • developing an individual vocational plan.

Students may be permitted to take individual courses or program components if space is available.

Employability Skills Program
Year 1 – Courses
ACCE 025 - (Skills for Life and Work I)
ACCE 022 - (Health & Wellness I)
ENGL 001 - (Reading for Life and Work I)
MATH 001 - (Math for Life and Work I)
ACCE 011 - (Job Readiness I)
ACCE 019 - (Tutorial I)
ACCE 037 - (Worksite Training I)
Employability Skills Program
Year 2 – Courses
MATH 002 - (Math for Life and Work II)
ACCE 051 - (Job Readiness II)
ACCE 052 - (Communication)
ACCE 065 - (Skills for Life & Work II)
ACCE 056 - (Job Search Skills)
ACCE 059 - (Tutorial II)
ACCE 038 - (Worksite Training II)

ACCE 039 - (Worksite Training III)


  • Students must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A medical form must be submitted to indicate an applicant will not be at risk by participating in the program.
  • Assessment documentation will be required to determine the level and type of disability.
  • A basic literacy level and ability to work semi-independently are generally necessary in the majority of program course work.
  • Suitability for enrolment and course selection is determined by an intake interview.

Previous versions of this program can be found in the Program Archive.