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Art and Design - Arts General Admission Requirements

  • Program Length 
    4 Years

The Art and Design Program

Students may also take individually selected courses in the Art department, subject to the admission process described below. If students wish to obtain a diploma, please see diploma requirements for each program, or check with an Advisor.

Art Admission Requirements

  • General admission requirements apply.
  • The Art and Design Department controls entry into its programs by having an admissions process including a portfolio requirement (see requirements below) and interview.
  • Art students must bring to the interview a 100-300 word written statement on reasons and goals for seeking enrolment in Visual or Applied Art.

Application Portfolio Requirements

A minimum of 10 examples of artwork that may include some of the following:

  • *Original drawings in a variety of media.
  • *Original paintings or illustrations in a variety of media.
  • *Original collages or mixed-media pieces exploring specific themes.
  • Photographs, slides, and/or digital files of three-dimensional artwork such as installation, sculpture, and pottery.
  • Traditional and digital photography utilized as a means of personal expression and/or communication.
  • Graphic print work such as linocuts, woodcuts, silkscreens, etc.
  • Multi-media productions including video and/or new media.

* If your artwork exceeds the dimensions of 24” x 36”, please document the work and supply photographs and/or slides.

You may enrich your portfolio presentation with a maximum of three examples of items such as:

  • Photographs of mural art.
  • Photographs or originals of various crafts such as quilting, stitchery, fashion design, or jewelry design.

Notes on Admission

  • Enrolment in this program is limited. Students who meet or exceed the minimum admission requirements may not necessarily be admitted to the program.
  • Non-Art students may take one Visual Arts studio course per semester without departmental permission, providing that course prerequisite has been met.
  • Registration in any of the department's courses doesn't guarantee automatic entry into a subsequent program.

Admission Requirements, 200-Level Studio Courses

  • Most 200–level studio courses are initially reserved for students who have successfully completed a portfolio review by the Department. Students must submit portfolios to the Department by March 15.
  • Registration in 200–level courses by non–program students (students who have not successfully completed the portfolio review) does not guarantee entry into the program and requires completion of any listed prerequisites for the individual courses.
  • Admission is based on a portfolio review by the Department. All students seeking admission to second–year studio courses must submit portfolios to the Visual Art Selection Committee by March 15.
  • Transfer students, and those seeking Prior Learning Assessment must meet the department’s admission requirements outlined above.
  • Students who change their program of studies from individually selected courses, Diploma in Visual Arts or Applied Arts, to the Bachelor of Fine Arts University Transfer program or the Bachelor of Arts, Minor in Visual Arts degree program, musthave completed the appropriate first year Art Core and electives.

Admission Requirements, 300-Level Studio Courses

  • Completion of appropriate prerequisite courses.

Previous versions of this program can be found in the Program Archive.

Bachelor of Arts, Visual Art major student Maggie Hinbest

Maggie Hinbest

“I chose VIU because I wanted a university with small class sizes that was close to home. I only intended to stay for a year before transferring to another institution. Those plans changed when I started volunteering at The View Gallery on campus, and was then offered a work-op position there. My experiences at the gallery shaped my university life for the past three years, and made me want to pursue a career in the arts. It prepared me for the positions I held at the Nanaimo Art Gallery as their Collections Assistant, the Nanaimo Arts Council as a Program Assistant, and now at Madrona Gallery in Victoria.”