The option of the Challenge examination is available for students wishing to “challenge” a Language course when they feel that they have the necessary proficiency in it, equivalent to the requirements of the course challenged. The Challenge exam will have the following parts:

  • Written (grammar and vocabulary testing)
  • Oral expression and comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension and composition

The Challenge exam is NOT available for students whose mother tongue is the same as the language that they wish to challenge. For more information on Prior Learning Assessment and the Challenge program, please consult the Prior Learning Assessment department.

Note: Native speakers of Mandarin may not take CHIN 100 or CHIN 101 for credit. (All Chinese courses have a required language laboratory component.)

Course offerings vary from year to year. Check Generate a Timetable for available course offerings.

CHIN 100 (3) Intro to Chinese I

An introduction to Modern Standard Chinese, also known as Mandarin or "Guoyu" (National Language). Students learn the phonetic script "Pinyin", the four tones of Mandarin, and communicating in spoken Chinese through the use of language drills and other exercises. Students also begin to learn Chinese characters. (3:0:1)

Prerequisite: None.

CHIN 101 (3) Intro to Chinese II

A continuation of CHIN 100, increasing vocabulary and ability to communicate in Chinese. (3:0:1)

Prerequisite: Min. "C+" in CHIN 100 or permission of the instructor.

CHIN 103 (3) Beginning Chinese for Heritage Students I

An introductory course for heritage language learners who have near-native speaking ability in Chinese and basic knowledge of written Chinese. This course develops students' communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in spoken Mandarin and modern written Chinese, with special emphasis on reading and writing. Credit will only be granted for one of CHIN 100 or CHIN 103. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Intended for students who have received a Chinese education up to and including junior high school.

CHIN 104 (3) Beginning Chinese for Heritage Students II

A continuation of CHIN 103. This course develops heritage language learners' competence in speaking Mandarin, emphasizing reading and writing modern written Chinese in Simplified form. Students will develop a good command of reading and writing skills at a higher level in the formal Chinese language. Credit will only be granted for one of CHIN 101 or CHIN 104. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: CHIN 103 or students who have received a Chinese education that includes some high school.

CHIN 111 (3) Intro to Spoken Chinese I

A non-intensive introduction to spoken Chinese. Students learn the four tones and phonetics of Mandarin Chinese. By the end of term students can carry out a simple conversation in Mandarin. (3:0:1)

Prerequisite: None.

CHIN 112 (3) Intro to Spoken Chinese II

A continuation of CHIN 111. (3:0:1)

Prerequisite: CHIN 111 or permission of instructor.

CHIN 120 (3) Fundamentals of Communicating with the Chinese I

A focus on the patterns and norms of everyday social interaction in a Chinese context. Selected readings, audio-visual materials and case studies explore how interpersonal communication is shaped by the values and assumptions inherent in culture. No prior knowledge of Chinese language or culture is needed. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: None

CHIN 121 (3) Fundamentals of Communicating with the Chinese II

A continuation of CHIN 120. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: CHIN 120.

CHIN 200 (3) Intermediate Chinese Language I

Builds on the foundations established in CHIN 100 and 101. An introduction to more complex grammatical patterns and additional vocabulary, including the apprehension of about 300 Chinese characters. (3:0:1)

Prerequisite: Min. "C+" in CHIN 101 or permission of instructor.

CHIN 201 (3) Intermediate Chinese Language II

A continuation of CHIN 200. (3:0:1)

Prerequisite: Min. "C+" in CHIN 200 or permission of instructor.

CHIN 211 (3) Traditional Chinese Culture

An introduction to traditional Chinese culture and society. Using a variety of primary materials translated from Chinese, the class will explore various cultural, social and mythological aspects of life in pre-modern China. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Students who are comfortable reading modern Chinese or have mastered approximately 2,000 characters.

CHIN 212 (3) Modern Chinese Culture and Communication

This course explores the dynamics of interpersonal relations and examines the context of communicating in Chinese culture. The course provides the conceptual and practical tools for understanding and communicating with Chinese speakers. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: None.