CMHW 110 (3) Introduction to Practice

An introduction to the practice context of Community Mental Health Worker (CMHW) in mental health and addiction services. Topics include: one's own perspectives and beliefs, and historical, cultural and contemporary understandings about mental health and illness; its relationship to the social environment; and the identification of grounding skills for practice. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Admission to CMHW program.

CMHW 111 (3) Introduction to Mental Health: Theory and Practice

An introduction to the theory and etiology of mental illness and disability, and to models of care used in practice (harm reduction, recovery, trauma informed, ACT and PSR). Other topics include methods of assessment used in diagnosis and relevant mental health legislation and its application to practice. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Admission to the CMHW Program.

CMHW 115 (3) Developing Therapeutic Relationships

An introduction to the skills and techniques to engage in therapeutic relationships as a skilled helper and promote facilitative communication. Emphasizes impact of self-awareness and communication styles in working with individuals with mental health and addiction issues, their families, and members of inter-professional teams. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Admission to the CMHW program.

CMHW 120 (3) Approaches to Support

An exploration of the approaches and skills required to support individuals and families through a framework of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. The role of the CMHW in relation to facilitating change, goal planning, and implementation is discussed, as well as the process of identifying and accessing community resources. (6.5:0:0 for 7 weeks)

Prerequisite: CMHW 110, CMHW 111, CMHW 115, and CMHW 135.

CMHW 130 (3) Care of Self and Others

An introduction to healthy lifestyle and physical care planning, including developing personal care skills that promote and maintain comfort, safety, and independence. Explore promotion of client well-being. Basics of medication and universal precautions will be introduced. (6.5:0:0 for 7 weeks)

Prerequisite: CMHW 110, CMHW 111, CMHW 115, and CMHW 135.

CMHW 135 (3) Mental Health and Addictions

An opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to effectively respond to clients experiencing co-existing substance use and mental illness using a bio-psycho-social-spiritual framework. Emphasis will be on understanding addiction processes and illness, harm reduction, facilitating change and therapeutic intervention strategies, and promoting recovery and maintenance of health and well-being. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Admission to CMHW program.

CMHW 140 (6) Practicum

A practicum that provides students with the opportunity to integrate their knowledge and skills to assist individuals in mental health settings. Emphasis will be on the role of the Community Mental Health Worker (CMHW) as a member of the inter-professional health team. (0:2:0 -224 for 8 weeks)

Prerequisite: CMHW 120, CMHW 130, and CMHW 145.

CMHW 145 (3) Mental Health Assessment and Interventions

Explore and understand common mental health illnesses and conditions, including concurrent disorders and dual diagnosis; and the evidence-based therapeutic and pharmacological interventions that address them. Discuss suicide, suicidal ideation and self-harm, and possible interventions. (6.5:0:0 for 7 weeks)

Prerequisite: CMHW 110, CMHW 111, CMHW 115, and CMHW 135.

CMHS 200 (3) Capstone Project

An opportunity for students to analyze a specific mental health issue and to apply their knowledge and skills within the scope of practice/competencies of both a Health Care Assistant and Community Mental Health Worker. (15:0:0 for 3 weeks)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of all CMHW and HCA courses.