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DIDS 210 (3) Leadership, Advocacy, and Social Policy

An exploration of leadership, advocacy, and social policy in Canada's disability sector within the context of social justice and social change. Topics include leadership theories and styles and various forms of advocacy as they pertain to the development of disability-related social policy. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Admission to the Disability Studies Diploma.

DIDS 220 (3) Action Research and Learning in Community

An examination of community-based action research methodology and an opportunity for project exploration. Topics include participatory action research, cooperative inquiry, and appreciative inquiry. There is a focus on collaborative inquiry with a host citizen group agency when possible. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Admission to Disability Studies Diploma.

DIDS 230 (3) Practicum

An engaged learning opportunity in community that is a continuation of DIDS 220. In collaboration with a host community-based citizen group or agency, students implement, evaluate and provide recommendations for an action research plan that was developed in DIDS 220. Weekly seminars are integral to this course. (0:1.5:0 -120)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of DIDS 210 and DIDS 220.