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FILM 101 (3) Introduction to Film Studies

A general introduction to the study of film as an art form and a medium of cultural communication. Feature films are emphasized, with attention also to documentaries and experimental films. Focuses on criticism, theory, and a basic understanding of technical aspects including cinematography, editing, mise-en-scène, and sound. FILM 101 was formerly called FILM 200; credit will not be granted for both courses. (4:0:0)

Prerequisite: None.

FILM 201 (3) Film Studies

A continuation of FILM 101, this course will further introduce students to the study of film by examining aspects of film such as movie genres, narrative techniques in film, and comparative film histories like Hollywood and global cinema. FILM 201 will also introduce students to concepts of Film Theory. (4:0:0)

Prerequisite: FILM 101 or permission of the instructor.

FILM 220 (3) Special Topics in Film Studies

An intensive analysis of a topic in the field of cinema studies. The focus may be a specific director, genre, or national cinema. Topics may include the representation of gender or minority groups or specific social, psychological, historical or political issues. The course may be repeated once for credit with a different topic. (1:0:3)

Prerequisite: FILM 101 and FILM 201 recommended.