FNHM 100T Introduction to Housing Management

An introduction to the role of housing manager and overview of key elements of the job: property management, tenant relationships, maintenance management, financial management, supervision, and contract management.

Prerequisite: Grade 12 or equivalent, or mature student status.

FNHM 110T Housing Administration Level I

An overview of the basic administrative responsibilities expected of a housing manager, including managing meetings, organizational performance, governing documents, and tenant and homeowner relations.

Prerequisite: FNHM 100T.

FNHM 120T Housing Administration Level II

An overview of the basic elements of administration, continuing from Housing Administration Level I. Topics include: personnel and performance management, information management, proposal development, project management, risk management, and maintenance management.

Prerequisite: FNHM 100T and FNHM 110T.

FNHM 130T Financial Management for First Nations Housing Managers

An introduction to financial management for the housing manager. Topics include: basics components of financial management for the housing manager, financial responsibilities of First Nation governments, budgets and cash flows, audits, and financial records and reports.

Prerequisite: FNHM 100T and basic spreadsheet skills, for example Microsoft Excel.

FNHM 140T Interpersonal Communications for Housing Managers

An introduction to interpersonal communications, interpersonal relationships, and development of interpersonal communication skills required in the role of housing manager.

Prerequisite: FNHM 100T.

FNHM 150T Introduction to Construction and Renovations

An introduction to the basic elements of construction and renovations in relation to the responsibilities of the housing manager. Topics include: roles and responsibilities, building houses and building community, selecting house plans and materials, new home construction, site management, contracting, green building principles, best practices in renovations.

Prerequisite: FNHM 100T.