Foundations for Success (FNFS) courses are meant to complement existing academic courses and programs at VIU. These courses augment current Adult Basic Education and University offerings by presenting six transitional elective courses designed to promote student success. Students may take one or all of these courses, but only a maximum of 6 academic credits may be used towards a credential at VIU.

Course offerings vary from year to year. Check Generate a Timetable for available course offerings.

FNFS 100 (3) Writing for Success

This course offers students a strong foundation for the various writing situations they are likely to encounter in university courses. This hands-on course develops the skill set needed to be a successful university writer. Students will develop strategies for effective reading, note-taking, test preparation, and time management. (4:2:2)

Prerequisite: English 12 or ENGL 067 or permission of instructor.

FNFS 101 (3) Reading, Speaking, and Presentation Skills

This course offers key skills for success in university, including strategies to improve reading speed and comprehension, speak with confidence in front of groups, and use presentation software such as Prezi, iMindmap, and PowerPoint. (5:2:1)

Prerequisite: English 12 or ENGL 067 or permission of instructor.

FNFS 102 (3) Finding Careers that Fit: Exploring Meaningful Education and Career Paths

This course develops skills and attitudes necessary for pursuing education and career goals. Students will explore individual learning styles, personality styles, aptitudes, interests and values and conduct thorough research in order to make informed choices for short and long-term educational and career goals. (4:2:2)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in one of English 12, ENGL 067, or FNFS 100; or permission of instructor. Intermediate to advanced computer skills are recommended.

FNFS 103 (3) Succeeding Online: Tools and Technology for Learning

This course will develop an understanding of the digital world, including implications of a digital profile, privacy and professionalism. A major focus is effective use of tools for academic purposes with emphasis on digital presentations and collaborative tools. Personal learning networks and online academic portfolios will illustrate learning. (4:4:0)

Prerequisite: Basic computer skills.

FNFS 104 (3) Solving Calculus Problems (Ends Aug 2023)

This course prepares students for success in math, science and engineering. By emphasizing logic, conceptual understanding, time management, and study skills, it builds a strong foundation for future studies. Algebra, limits, derivatives, and integrals are studied as a means for learning basic concepts, skills and problem solving strategies. (6:2:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C+" in one of MATH 067, Pre-calculus 12, MATH 152, or equivalent.

Co-requisites: One of MATH 066, MATH 067, or MATH 152.

FNFS 104 (3) Learning Strategies for Success in Math, Science, and Engineering (Effective Sep 2023)

This course supports students to become successful learners in post-secondary studies. Students will learn strategies and skills that will support conceptual learning, critical thinking, and resiliency in the face of difficult math problems. First-year math content from a concurrent course will be used to practice the learning strategies. (3:5:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C+" in one of MATH 067, Pre-calculus 12, or permission of instructor.

Co-requisites: 3 credits of first-year MATH.

FNFS 105 (3) Learning Strategies for Success in Health and Life Sciences

This course is a practical exploration of how to be a successful learner in post-secondary studies. This course introduces students to learning strategies and skills that will support deep learning and critical thinking. Health and life science content is used to introduce and practice learning strategies. (8:0:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C+" in English 12 or English 067, or equivalent; or permission of the instructor.

FNFS 106 (3) Food, Health, and Well-Being

Students learn how to develop food literacy and good eating practices they can relate to their own health and well-being. Students learn making the right food choices enhances their academic performance. Food literacy assists students with understanding the cultural, economic, environmental, scientific and social aspects of food, health and well-being. (2:0:2)

Prerequisite: English 12.

FNFS 107 (3) Capstone for Pathways to Post-Secondary Programs

This course is intended for Pathways students preparing to enter their chosen post-secondary program. Students will apply and hone skills in a collaborative, project-based learning environment. Students will develop strategies for effective time management, teamwork, and managing academic stress by engaging in a capstone project specific to their career choice. (0:0:8)

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

FNFS 108 (3) Foundations for Success for International Learners in the Canadian University Context

This skill-based course is designed for learners who have English as an Additional Language. Students will develop a strong study skills kit to maximize their experience in the Canadian university context. Topics may include: academic reading, writing, and research; study skills, presenting and speaking, and connecting with peers and instructors. (4:2:2)

Prerequisite: English 12, University Preparation Level 5, TOEFL score of 5.5, IELTS of 6.0 (with no band lower than 5.5), or TOEFL iBT of 78.