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LAWW 322 (1.5) Real Estate Law

A study of the law of real property including the Real Estate Act, estates and interests in land, title registration, land ownership and the law of tort, commercial and residential tenancies, condominiums and co-operatives in B.C., mortgage law. (2:0:0 for 10 weeks)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in English 12.

Co-requisites: FNCE 322.

LAWW 326 (3) Commercial Law

Topics include Common and Statute Laws affecting business transactions, an introduction to the Canadian Legal System, the Law of Contract, Sale of Goods, Consumer Sales, Secured Transactions, Agency, Partnership, Corporations, Bankruptcy, Torts, Employment and Insurance Law, and Real Property. CPA transfer available. (3:1:0)

Prerequisite: MGMT 292 and ENGL 204.