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LING 111 (3) Introduction to Language and Linguistics

An introduction to the core areas of linguistics and the fundamental concepts in the study of language. This course explores technical aspects of linguistic theory as well as broader questions about language as a specifically human phenomenon. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in English 12 or equivalent.

LING 112 (3) Language and Linguistics in Use

An introduction to the key concepts in the interdisciplinary areas of linguistics, including bilingualism, language acquisition, language variation and change, language and society, language processing in the mind and brain, and Indigenous languages in Canada. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in English 12 or equivalent required. LING 111 recommended.

LING 201 (3) Introduction to Second Language Acquisition

This course provides an interdisciplinary overview of fundamental concepts in second language acquisition, considering linguistic, psychological, social and educational perspectives and discussing empirical approaches from each. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in English 12 or equivalent. One or both of LING 111 or LING 112 is recommended.

LING 350 (3) Linguistics and the Dimensions of Literacy

An introduction to theoretical and historical linguistic studies and the application of this knowledge to the development and teaching of literacy skills. Considers the shaping, formative role of language in a culture and investigates assumptions about the relationship between language, thought, and culture. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Third-year standing.