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QUME 185 (3) Business Computer Applications

An introduction to personal computers. Topics may include hardware, operating systems, basic word processing, file management, basic spreadsheeting and an introduction to presentation graphics, database and Internet. Credit will only be granted for one of CSCI 110, SSCI 150 or QUME 185. (1:0:2)

Prerequisite: Min. "C+" in one of Principles of Mathematics 11, Applications of Mathematics 11, or Foundations of Mathematics 11, and min. "C" in English 12.

QUME 232 (3) Business Statistics I

An overview of descriptive and inferential statistical techniques used in business. Topics include graphing, measures of central tendency, dispersion, sampling, hypothesis testing and regression analysis. CPA transfer available. QUME 232 was formerly called QUME 332; credit will not be granted for both courses. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in one of Principles of Mathematics 12, Applications of Mathematics 12, Foundations of Mathematics 12, Pre-calculus 12, MATH 151 or MATH 065.

QUME 380 (3) Management Information Systems: Design and Analysis

An examination of information systems from the perspective of business manager and system operator, and the need to involve both in the design process. Topics include the structure of various data processing systems, including adequate controls, currently available technology, and issues in the related implementation process. CPA transfer available. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Either competency in computer use (see BBA Program for details) or QUME 185.

QUME 436 (3) Econometrics

A continuation of QUME 232. Topics include ANOVA, the linear regression model and multiple regression models, time series analysis, index numbers and decision making including linear programming. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: QUME 232 or MATH 161.

QUME 480 (1.5) Business Data Communications and Networking

A comprehensive investigation of the principles and techniques of business data communications and networking; technical overview of the concepts of data transmission and methodologies employed in designing and managing local area networks and regional communications networks. Emphasis on the technical applications. (2:0:1 for 8 weeks)

Prerequisite: QUME 380.